News and Views for 23 June 2013

I’m spending more time researching the various tribes from the four corners region of the US (AZ, UT, NM and CO). The Zuni tribe is somewhat of a mystery. The Zuni language is unique in North America. I’ve heard the theory that the Zunis may be a lost tribe from Japan. Some of the words of the Zuni language are similar to Japanese words. I don’t have an opinion one way or the other.

The theory of many Navajo Indians is that the Zunis arrived after the Navajo — but that doesn’t fit the Archaeological research. I must say that the Navajos we met in the Southwest really do believe that their people were in the Four Corners region first — or perhaps the Anasazi were there first but the Navajos come from the Anasazi who they claim as their ancestors. Anyway this is fascinating research — revisiting what I learned in college and reading all the newer research and learning about the new scientific dating methods.


Update: Another mystery with a solution? What happened to Amelia Earhart? The solution might be a box of photos taken in 1938.

An array of detailed aerial photos of the remote island where Amelia Earhart may have survived for a time as a castaway, has resurfaced in a New Zealand museum archive, raising hopes for new photographic evidence about the fate of the legendary aviator.

Found by Matthew O’Sullivan, keeper of photographs at the New Zealand Air Force Museum in Christchurch, the images lay forgotten in an unlabeled tin box in the museum’s archives.


Back to the Government spy game news. Those of us who have been watching the spooks and know a bit about the Internet are not at all surprised that the game of the NSA is now to swoop up every single bit of electronic data bits on every single person world wide. There’s a big Netroots Nation conference happening in San Jose, California and nearly all Netrooter attending say that — the news about the NSA spying on everyone didn’t come as a surprise. Probably the best anti 0bama sign is this one:

Obama said he would listen to us

We didn’t know he meant it literally


Indeed! Many of these same people were 0bots not so very long ago.

The article at this link is about a suicide letter written by a Veteran. He says he was forced to commit war crimes and he can’t live with himself any longer because of what he did in the name of his government. Then he returns to America and can’t get medical treatment from the Veterans hospitals. He is not the first Vet who has ended up killing himself/herself because of the physical and mental trauma caused during the Bush/Cheney/0bama wars. Young people are used up and tossed out by the military with no regards for their lives. I don’t like wars and know the price that the military personnel (and their families) pay to serve their country.  Growing up in the military, makes the reality of war hard to miss.

The debate begins — is Obama more like Nixon or more like Reagan? This link leads to an interesting article which makes the case that Obama is building on the Reagan legacy in his single minded punishment of whistle blowers.

As highlighted previously, Snowden is the eighth person who leaked information to be charged under the Espionage Act under President Barack Obama. The previous seven are: Shamai Leibowitz, Thomas Drake, Stephen Kim, Jeffrey Sterling, Pfc. Bradley Manning, John Kiriakou and James Hitselberger.

Seems like many of us have been saying for a long time that Obama is really a Republican but then I’m not sure what Dems stand for any more — so who knows — Obama may be the new face of the Dem party. As far as I’m concerned the Dem party died when they chose an incompetent, inexperienced wind bag, Republican lite Obama to “win” the party nomination. Will history be kind to 0bama? Too bad 0bama’s words never matched his actions. He says one thing and then does something else. Right now 0bama can be distilled down to Drones and mass spying on Americans. 0bama care is still unproven — he ignored “we the people” and refused to allow single payer.

PRISM and the rise of a New Fascism is an article by John Pilger. As a reminder — PRISM is the brain child of the NSA which filters the massive data on the enemy (that would be all of us) being mined or scooped up from all the major Internet players.

Control and dominance are the two words that make sense of this. These are exercised by political, economic and military design, of which mass surveillance is an essential part, but also by insinuating propaganda into the public consciousness.

We know for certain that politicians (most) are liars and that the Government considers us the enemy. And this is so sad. Most of our tax money should go for the public good — but it is being used to spy on us. Real Health care for all is still out of reach for most Americans. Major diseases which should have been conquered decades ago are still common because research funding isn’t there — it is going into the black hole of “National Security” — and spying on the world.


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