Taking Sides

After spending the last few hours reading the breaking news about truthteller/whistle blower, Edward Snowdon’s exit from Hong Kong to Russia and then elsewhere — patterns are emerging.

Retired AF uniform

Check the Guardian’s live coverage as well as the BBC for the play by play action. The BBC being a mouthpiece of the UK Government is a bit nastier in their coverage:

The US intelligence fugitive Edward Snowden has arrived in Moscow on a flight from Hong Kong.

But he is only thought to be in transit before leaving for Venezuela or Ecuador, via Cuba.

The US wanted him extradited from Hong Kong but the government said Washington had failed to meet its requirements.

Mr Snowden, an intelligence contractor, fled to Hong Kong in May after revealing extensive internet and phone surveillance by US intelligence.

This post is about my impressions of what the government’s response tells us about the deeper dynamics of the military industrial complex. Many commentators have made the point that the US Government has been the leading leaker by leaking news about the Snowdon’s indictment. Plus in an earlier post I quoted Glenn Greenwald’s remarks about 0bama being a major leaker. Nixon is often quoted as saying — If the President does it than it isn’t illegal.

NSA uniform

For me the most alarming detail missed by most people is the visual of a military officer — in full military costume speaking for the NSA. ( Basically we have the military in charge of spying and collecting data on all of us – every bit of electronic traffic is collected (often with the willing help of the major Internet Corporations) and stored in Utah. Why Utah?

People who are commenting in online discussion about Snowdon are either parroting US government (or corporate/military) ¬†talking points or are deeply troubled about the government stripping us bear. I’m thinking that the murder of Investigative reporter Michael Hastings — a whole lot of reporters “got the message.”

The truth isn’t very pretty sometimes — this time the truth is that our Government has found us guilty of being the enemy. Otherwise why spy on all of us and then lie about spying on us. The Government then brings charges against the truthtellers who reveal the government and corporate spying. 0bama is working hard for his corporate masters who put him in the white house.

So Sad.

Early reports of Snowdon’s departure from Hong Kong. Read the comments which side are you taking?

The US seemingly unaware of the irony in accusing Snowdon.

If it’s all kosher, NSA, why lie?

The seeds of the impending collapse of the American Empire were planted decades ago, in October 1973 to be precise, were watered under Ronald Reagan, fertilized under Bill Clinton, sprouted under George Bush II, and are now leafing out under Barack Obama. A perfect storm of domestic and international events is forming, and there is absolutely nothing that our ruling classes will, or even can, do about it

Snowdon charged with NSA leaks — according to leaks from vague sources. Greenwald’s tweet is quoted —

Glenn Greenwald@ggreenwaldFollow

How is leaking to a newspaper and informing one’s fellow citizens about secret govt behavior “espionage”???

David Gregory, a mouthpiece for the US Government, asks Greenwald why Greenwald should be charged with a crime. Video at the link.

So when will Dick Cheney be charged with espionage?

Karl Rove made all Americans Fair Game.

I’m having a whole lot of trouble determining where the Bush administration ended and the 0bama administration began — seems like those guys have a seamless fit.

Now can I return to the prehistoric mysteries??? Where did the Zuni come from?


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