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For those of us who get most of our news via the Internet when that black box fails we have to fall back on reading old notes and thinking about patterns and reading between the lines. While my Internet is down I thought I’d come up with a plot for a thriller — filled with sex, spies and spying, lots of egos and power struggles. Sex sells stories and sex and power go together — at least in spy thrillers.

Here’s an old story (no names — I’m just going to outline the plot and characters).To make this story line even better I am going to shift the story to an alternative reality or parallel reality. None of this stuff could possibly happen in our here and now — “real” world.

One of the early characters he could be someone like the Director of the CIA who got taken down by a “shirtless” FBI agent. However, if we look at the underlying story, ignore the cheap tawdry sex and the guy cheating on his wife, then we are going to see behind the curtain of the naked fact, that not one of the people living in this alternative reality, has any privacy. We are also going to see that a stealth military coup has taken place that few people are talking about.

Sex sells — and sex sells news. Even in this puritanical alternative reality. So sex and a cheating mate  is where most of the major news outlets and talking heads focused their attention. The early leads in this drama are the Director of the CIA and his mistress who was also his biographer. Then there was the cat fight between a socialite who had connections — to the military and the FBI.

To get the FBI pulled into the plot I’ll have the Mistress send an email to Socialite — saying something like — leave my man alone you hussy. Mrs.  Socialite contacts her FBI friend and probably forwards the mistress’s email to him. That email had enough clues to track back to the mistress and then the mistress and Director of the CIA. The FBI invades the privacy of people on the whim of a  FBI agent and then leaks this information to the World Wide Peace (Propaganda) Network. The FBI agents in this alternative reality are very powerful and can assassinate anyone who gains the attention of their boss — who is a shadowy powerful figure.  Few FBI agents know who their real boss is, being the loyal employees they believe the Federally run Peace (propaganda) network.

Just like in our world — this alternative reality has FBI, CIA, NSA and a layers of “Intelligence” agencies. Of course their main job is to spy on everyone — because like us this alternative reality also has become addicted to the Internet. Let’s not forget to add the fundamentalist religious element — using some of the themes that Frank Herbert wrote about in his DUNE series.

There are some threads and subplots introduced early in the story which now come forward. Both the FBI and CIA have new figurehead directors and there is an investigative reporter who is beginning to learn that there is much more to this story than the sex and betrayal. Mrs. Socialite feels that her story has been ignored — and that her “privacy” has been invaded by the ones who snooped into all of her email — finding that she had personal and private email contact with top level military brass.

There is a figure head President of the World in this alternative reality and he must answer to the “Group” that put him in office. This group is made up of many of the wealthiest men in the world. Yes, unfortunately this alternative  reality is highly patriarchal. We will hear Mr. President fussing from time to time — demanding for information and raging about how he is surrounded by leakers — not peeing but leaking “secrets”.

In this alternative reality the Investigative reporter lives and he tenaciously pursues the story and we learn the secrets as he discovers all the layers of deceit and corruption. He is faced with the decision to write about what he knows or to provision his sailboat and see if he can make it through the ice free Northwest passage. Our mirror into the alternative reality closes.


What if someone has already self published a novel with a similar plot for a thriller novel – using Amazon’s nifty publishing tools? Would this book’s plot be dismissed as too outrageously impossible even for an alternative reality.

Then think about the parts (names and events) that are easy to find using an Internet from this reality we live in today.

movie FXThe investigative reporter was probably assassinated — the car he was driving just doesn’t blow up and burn the driver to ashes. In fact it very very rare that a car can blow up like the reporter’s car did without the assistance of FX special effects of the movie variety. This was a message to other reporters and anyone who tries to dig any deeper. In fact the story this investigative reporter was working on was the Socialite. Something about the “official” verdict doesn’t ring true — I’ve watched too many Thrillers and read too many thrillers to believe anything that the LAPD says. Also I know a bit about FX — I love the watch the behind the scenes feature about how that special effects was done. My BS detector was triggered when I heard “single car crash” and “fiery crash”  as well as the stories this reporter has broken.

Using the search string “C Mercedes Benz accident” this link popped up.

Despite the increased standards implemented in the NCAP crash tests, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and M-Class SUV have still earned the highest five star ratings in their latest New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) conducted by the U.S. Federal government. Since the increased NCAP crash tests requirements were implemented in 2010, very few new cars have achieved this top rating.  The results confirm what we already knew, that Mercedes-Benz owners can feel exceptionally safe in their cars.

The quote below agrees with what Engineers and FX specialists have told me — in an unrelated discussion about rigging cars to blow up for movies.

# Hacienda View 2013-06-22 06:19

C Mercedes Benz are built to survive this sort of collision. They’re N CAP tested (in Europe) to ensure that this cannot happen. Mercedes Benz are amongst the highest scoring manufacturers in N CAP tests. There’s no way the engine together with (co-incidently) the gearbox should ever part company with the chassis. Especially in a Head-on collision.

Pasted from <>

UPDATE: According the a top security expert, Richard Clark,  it is possible that Michael Hastings car was hacked. Engineers and computer engineers I’ve talked to about this single car “accident” — their first response hearing the news was “the car was hacked”. I’m also speculating that this was a very public message to all investigative journalist. It is doubtful that we will ever know exactly who ordered the assassination. The engineers of the C Mercedes Benz should be involved in the crash investigation — don’t you all think so?

The lines between reality and fiction have become murky.


The real story continues to be —  that all of our email is an open book to the government. If a lone FBI agent has the authority to hack into private email  and then “leak” that information — yes that word leak is very common with the FBI — then this can happen to anyone. If one agent has this authority for his private peek show — then how many others have the clearance or connection so that they can also can do special favors. The invasion of privacy can happen to  anyone, anyone and everyone.

Washington DC — the Beltway is having a fit — telling the world to return Snowdon — “rule of law” and all that. And we can watch our government make utter fools of themselves. Just because something like collection private data on everyone is legal does not mean that that it is Constitutional — according to the real Constitutional Law Professors.


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