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Who are the villains

goodguysbadguysWhen reading a political Thriller there always had to be an evil villain. In the current real thriller we are following there is a side argument about who exactly are the bad guys. The other question is how long has this been going on and when did the American people become the target for the huge US spy network.

The FBI could be one of the villains. What would their motive for spying — could it be for blackmailing? The FBI is collecting information on anyone who can be blackmailed — J. Edgar Hoover began this practice of collecting information and creating extensive files on anyone who can be blackmail.

Sibel Edmonds explains just how the FBI uses the information they gather on the powerful to keep the FBI funded and powerful.

The NSA is being run by the military and the military has traditionally considered civilians the enemy. In my experience of growing up on secure military bases where most of our fathers were involved in top secret operations — we kids were trained to NEVER ever talk to a civilian about our father’s jobs. We had this message delivered in many ways — our fathers would warn us that if we heard anything we were never to repeat a word to any “civilian” because you never knew who civilian could be a spy. That spy could get our fathers killed. I know that all of my peers at grade school knew the rules — whatever our fathers did was to be kept a secret. That’s why when we needed to speak about our fathers we would only meet on the Play field and only the peers of fathers who worked together were part of this group. If an adult came into ear shot of our discussion we quickly changed the topic to something safe like sports.

Now if there was an organized effort to silence families of military personnel — this attitude of the civilians as possible enemies must be wide spread within the ranks.

Anyone could be the target of the military spying on civilians. If you protest — if you are a friend of anyone who protests then all of you can be listed as domestic terrorists.

Activists who are plaintiffs in a lawsuit brought by attorneys with the National Lawyers Guild have learned that they were listed in a national domestic terrorist database after being targeted and spied upon by the United States Army and Coast Guard, a Washington Fusion Center and police departments in the state of Washington.

The stopping of private boats by the Coast Guard takes on a very new meaning — when we learn that the Coast Guard is involved in spying and intimidation.

Who are the real villains? My ancestors who fought in and/or supported the Revolutionary War before there was a USA — were called traitors and probably terrorists as well. One of my lines goes back to the Sister of John Adams. The British were none too kind to the ones we now called the heroes of the Revolutionary War against the British Empire.

I can not do much — but I can bear witness and collect information, news and opinions from public sources for anyone who is interested and post what I find on my blog. We still have “freedom of speech” don’t we — the military industrial complex hasn’t pooped on that part of the Constitution — yet????

Many people believe that none of the spying news will impact them — they have nothing to hide. As one of the old wise ones responded to the naive, wide eyed wonder kid — “You wear pants don’t you.” We all have something that if exposed would be harmful. Anything — even the most innocent of events can be turned into something evil by the spy masters.

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