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The US Mainstream Media or Propaganda outlet?

Many of us who get most of our news from multiple online news sources and other blogs have noticed that the “Government is spying on us” messengers are under attack by the corporate media stenography pool. The 0bama administration appears to be desperately trying to shift the message into personal attacks on the whistle blowers and reporters who are covering the story.

The latest attack/smear on Glenn Greenwald seems to be the result of a leak to the 0 administrations favored lap dogs. Greenwald was tipped off about the leaking when he was asked to comment on the leaked details of his past. As if the silly little details of his past has anything at all to do with the fact that WE the people are under attack by our very own government — we the people are considered to be suspects by the government. This attack is happening under a President who says one thing and then stabs everyone in the back or throws us all under the bus.

As we the people sit back and watch the show, there really isn’t much we can do. We have learned that if Americans protest (Occupy protesters) — that Homeland Insecurity and the Feds will target the protesters and when possible will torture protesters.

Jeff Cohen, author and media critic, asks this very simple question

Snowden Coverage: If U.S. Mass Media Were State-Controlled, Would They Look Any Different?

Where can I find a graphic for the Peace Propaganda network? Peace now means war — as in the Nobel Peace Prize President as the Drone war President and the spy on the world President. Peace doesn’t mean what we think the word means.

As always Marcy Wheeler at emptywheel.net is closely watching and adding her insights into the ongoing Guardian/Greenwald coverage of the story about the NSA spying on US citizens story.

A word about the NSA (unproven by a logical assumption) smear campaign.

As far as I’m concerned, Glenn Greenwald is one of the good guys — anyone that rescues 10 Brazilian street dogs and gives these dog a secure home with love, food and shelter has a ton of empathy for the underdog of any species. That bit of news was in one of the comments here. I’m wondering what the FBI/NSA is holding over the heads of the media whores who are attempting to smear Greenwald? Someone has made the remark that the real reason for all the spying is blackmail.

Listen to Sibel Edmonds’ YouTube interview and her memories of the “background” checks by the FBI and just what sort of people get the green light for the big federal appointments (hint — not the ones with the squeaky clean records.) Link to the interview — well worth one hour to hear  her side of the story.



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