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When words become meaningless

CavemanAlthough there are a lot of intelligent, open minded Texans it seems only the asshat freaks are getting any press time.

The USG (United States Government) is well on the way toward labeling anyone who disagrees with the 1% as a “terrorist”. And then we have learned that anyone who dares to protest in public about any environmental issue can be placed on a secret list and spied on by the military.

Now one Republican asshat in Texas wants anyone who is pro choice to listed as a terrorist. This jerk might get his wish — seeing as how he has very little concept of privacy as it is.

This asshat’s name is Bill Zedler.

Zedler is especially known for convincing the Texas Department of Health and Human Services to begin collecting detailed information on women who undergo an abortion. He originally tried to implement the measure by legislation in 2011, but when that failed Zedler went through back-channels to force the rule through, sparking cries of foul play.

Obviously there are some groups and some individuals who really do need to be placed on watch lists and these lists need to be reviewed. I’m guessing that many of the crooks, liars and zealots already suspect that they just might be on a list so the question is should this list be “secret” or should those on the watch list get some sort of official notification — just in case the wrong person has been tagged. All of this is above my pay grade — but how this is handled by the USG is the difference between a democracy and a fascias militarized corporate Nation. Yes there are good corporations and then there are those that President Dwight Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex.

The over use and miss use of the word terrorist as anyone who disagrees with your point of view will result in yet another meaningless word.

P.S. I’m going to create my own caveman/Neanderthal/asshat graphic art. But the one above does the trick for now.

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