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Time to Self Censure

under pressure head in sand with one eye open

under pressure head in sand with one eye open

Time to Self Censure?

Way back in the Cold War era we military brats learned the art of self censure at a very early age. As a high school student I learned that although I lived in the US, the US Constitution didn’t apply to me, since I was living on base. That was the reality.

One little example, my mother was going to a nearby college to complete work for her B.A. in Education. One of the required courses for a degree is so many hours of Physical Education.

Her P.E. class was her last class of the day and she headed back home (on the military base) and the military cop refused to allow her to drive through the gate. The reason? She was wearing peddle pusher pants (that covered her knees and most of her calves). She had to turn around, find someplace to change into her skirt before she was allowed on the base. Why? The CO of the base had ordered that no female shall wear shorts or slacks or anything that was not a skirt or dress on HIS base. Stuff like this happened all the time while I was growing up on military bases. Living on base during the Vietnam era (the war years) was the worst time for any of us who were entering our teen years.

When my father retired from the military I swore I would never set foot on a military base again. But now the military mind set — of the whole world is the enemy — has invaded my civilian world and I am pissed (so I blog about the parallels I saw as a military dependent back in the cold war era and what is happening today in the civilian world) . The coup or whatever is happening now began about the time TWA Flight 800 was shot down or whatever. Eyewitnesses tell a different story than the “official” FBI/CIA version which included that cute little cartoon graphic by the CIA. Do a web search of this phrase: CIA graphic of TWA flight 800 for both sides of the story — the CIA’s version and the more recent revelations from retired NTSB inspectors.

Beginning with flight 800 and those idiotic questions by clerks at check-in at airports — it was clear that everyone was and is a suspect (just like the military bases). “Did you pack your suitcase yourself and has it ever been out of your possession”? Those sorts of dumb questions. The victims of Flight 800 were being blamed — dead people can’t complain. I really resented the way the flying public was treated — but then there is a name for that — Security Theater. Some people are willing to give up their privacy and all of their Constitutional rights in order to “feel” safer. But the coup leaders won’t ever feel secure unless they tighten their control and oversight and spying on all of us. We know this from history — by looking at Germany in their build up to WWII. People willingly voted for Hitler and willingly gave up their rights. Historians with much better knowledge 20th century Germany than most of  are seeing warning flags here in the US.

And let us not forget July 2nd news about the President of Bolivia’s plane being forced down because the USG thought that Snowdon was on board.  The real story is that the USG is spying on everyone who uses any form of modern communication and these digital bits are being stored. All of us are the victims — but the USG is trying to change the subject. We are the victims and we have been harmed — all of us.

Don’t ever forget that we are the victims — the political magicians of both parties are trying hard to divert everyone’s attention away for the real story. Never forget and never forgive — both parties are to blame. 0bama and Bush the lesser are best buddies (both fellas are doing Africa this week, together again) — they share the puppet experience — both are obeying their puppet masters. Blackmail is one theory being floated as to why members of both parties are holding hands and chanting the same words — with no apologies for knowing and being part of one of the biggest spy rings in the history of the world. This is what J. Edgar Hoover did — he kept files and dug for secrets that could be used to blackmail. Not much has changed since the days of Hoover it would seem.

Self Censure was a way of life in the military — and now you are all military brats — no matter how old or how far you live from an actual military base. If you buy an airline ticket and go through the TSA checkpoints — you are a “suspect”. This is the military model — when did this happen? When did we all become suspects? We are now merely a number — part of a group that needs to be “controlled”.

What is the real percentage of citizens who are saying -- la la la la I can't hear you.

What is the real percentage of citizens who are saying — la la la la I can’t hear you.

Under threat of being different, of standing out — people draw back, put their heads down and hope none of the bad stuff hits while they aren’t looking. Many police departments are getting Homeland security money and these departments are buying all sorts of expensive toys. There’s a rural small town where the cops drive military style SUVs and super size pickup trucks. The gas to run these monster vehicles probably required a new tax increase.  Evidently we aren’t supposed to notice or ask questions about how the government is spending our tax dollars. The militarization of the police forces of the US is another topic with lots of hits on web search engines. All of this is being done with our tax dollars.

Update: I’m now wondering which postal rate increase was for total awareness spying of snail mail (yet the dumb jerks still lose mail or misdirect international mail). Mail overseas is often delayed for weeks — both ways. Apparently all first class mail and packages etc. goes through a filtering system and the outside is photographed — or more likely scanned. Again we have the theme that everyone is a suspect – we are told that the “watch” on individual mail is for a limited time. Please excuse me for being skeptical about this current claim. The Government has been able to go back in time, before a specific individual even was on the “watch” radar, and tag that person.

The NYT reported this story which was probably largely a stenographic effort by the reporter. This program probably costs millions and since I personally know that overseas mail is excessively botched. I am wondering how much time and(taxpayer) money is going down the drain. The stenographic report lists the recent “catch” of the extremely stupid Texas actress who mailed poison to 0bama — in an effort to get back at her soon to be ex-husband. The NYT article begins with an owner of a bookstore who got a notice from police to the US postal service to track all of his mail. Years ago this bookstore owner was an activist for environmental causes. I’m guessing that certain International corporations are using tax payer dollars in order to keep track of everyone on their “lists”. 0bama the faithful puppet along with his political appointees bows to his real bosses.

Does any of this spying come as a surprise to most people? Probably not. I have suspected that all mail was being funneled through check  points for years. Now that we spend the winters in the southwest — our snail mail is diverted to our mail forwarding service via computer tagging. When I learned about that process it seems a simple matter to use the enhanced mail sorting machines to scan all mail within country and all mail going outside the US and coming into the US. We are now at the point that we can assume that every aspect of our lives is being recorded and “watched” by either corporate or USG agencies. At this point it is difficult to tell the difference between corporate spying and contractor run USG spying. welcome to the 21st century. How much is too much spying and when are we going to get a say in how our hard earned money is being spent by the USG?


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