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Ernest Hemingway and the FBI

Restore the 4th Amendment with link to their website  http://www.restorethefourth.net/

Restore the 4th Amendment with link to their website — click the link to learn more

Ernest Hemingway knew he was being spied on by the FBI

(The link below the graphic goes to the petition etc).

We are all Hemingway — no not the brilliant author, but rather the Hemingway that was constantly spied on by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.   His friends thought that he was delusional and paranoid. Goodness grief why would the FBI/J. Edgar Hoover spy on a novelist? Basically I believe that Hoover and his minions got their jollies by spying on and invading the privacy of the rich and famous, as the files obtained through the freedom of information act have proven.

Although his friends just couldn’t bring themselves to believe that the FBI/USG would contribute to the death by suicide of Hemingway — the file that the FBI kept on Hemingway is proof enough that Hemingway wasn’t crazy — he just knew that the FBI was looking at him well like someone looks at a bug under a microscope with no concern or care about the disposable insect.

A decade ago or so I spent the winters overseas — for health reasons. I kept in touch with family and friends through email and online chat. Something went buggy with the online chat — it was as if some sort of “filter” was malfunctioning. Email slowed to a crawl — with email simply showing up — the list of emails would suddenly have more personal email — between all the spam. It seemed like personal email from friends and family took another, longer route to reach my in box. There was talk on the internet tech forums of email being routed through government filters. There would be short periods of glitches and then the backlog would clear and email would arrive on the day it was sent from the states.

Others expat living in the same community were noticing that their mail was also being held up. At one point a computer geek was visiting his family and I asked him if my suspicions about government tagging and making copies of personal email was a paranoid delusion — or something that could be done technically by governments. He confirmed my guess as to the reason for the erratic email delivery. As a tech he came up with a pretty good theory about how this spying could be done by governments. He also said that the subject of internet security and government spying had long been a topic of discussion among the IT professionals.

It is one thing to see a pattern and then get confirmation from Internet tech professionals that yes, in theory, the USG can spy on all of us and then that confirmation of spying cames, as it did, from Snowden’s leak of documents. Those of us who saw a pattern of clumsy snatch and deliver of email — especially when we were waiting for time sensitive email — we know that we are not crazy. The USG is treating us all like we are the enemy. The USG is guilty of violating the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution, The President of the US and most of congress is also guilty of violating our 4th amendment constitutional rights. It is as if we are all living on a military base — or caught in no man’s land of airports where there are no constitutional rights, suspended according to the US court Supremes.

Hemingway was largely harassed to death by the FBI and another victim of USG abuse was Aaron Swartz. To this day there has been no apology for the role the USG played in giving the final push to Hemingway and Swartz.

We are still the victims — and this is the major story. The liberals and 0bots are two faced lying creeps — because we all know that if a Republican were in the white house and Glenn Greenwald reported that President McCain or Romney or whichever GOP guy held the white house — there would be a completely different discussion going on.


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