Nothing like insulting the neighbors

Bolivian stamp

Bolivian stamp

In this case the neighbors are the South American states. By now only folks living on Mars haven’t heard that a dimwit political appointee US ambassador got the occupied states of Europe to dance on demand (and kidnapped the President of Bolivia). The EU acts like puppets on strings. 0bama continues his usual act of saying one thing and then doing another — until it is impossible to know when he is being honest. To hell with International laws and rules and commons sense even — 0bama is busy probably promising more of the tax dollars of we the people so that he can get his hands on Snowdon for the usual rendition and torture (and perhaps murder) of anyone who makes the King of the world look bad. (Or the person who is revealing that the Emperor is naked — as in wearing no clothes.)

I’m going to stick this right in the middle for the NSA — I was hoping that I was wrong about the bought/made man Obama way back when I did a standard Personality Assessment System profile of Obama. One only needs to research public behavior, occupation, hobbies skills and patterns of behavior in order to come up with a general assessment which is enough to know that I could never vote for this double talking, dishonest Harvard grad. Perhaps it was that Harvard bit that sealed my no vote. Obama’s management style is one of the worst, and he has shown that his style is sadistically passive aggressive (Whistle blower Mannings treatment and torture, for example).  Enough has been written and researched about Obama’s history so I’ll skip the details — do an Internet search. What was alarming for me was his lack of management experience and that fact that he incapable of innovation. I’ll have to give him points for getting as far as he has through pure arrogance.

South America and Central America

South America and Central America

So the USG keystone kops have been exposed for spying on Americans and pretty much anyone in the world who is connected to the Internet. Some have suggested that one of the reasons for this widespread spying is blackmail. Given enough information on anyone — bits and pieces can be patched together to incriminate even the most honest individuals. I’ve wondered where all the hackers have gone — tagged (blackmailed) most likely by the spy agencies to work for the USG. That would be a logical conclusion of the “what would happen if the FBI deliberately tags very young hackers? Do they go straight to jail? Just wondering — Just wondering.

Now these NSA etc. spies — spending billions of our tax dollars get European nations to hijack the President of Bolivia‘ jet — because they were told by an Obama political appointee that Snowdon was on that airplane.

The forcing down of the Bolivian President’s jet was a clear breach of the Vienna Convention by Spain and Portugal, which closed their airspace to this Head of State while on a diplomatic mission.  It has never been thought necessary to write down in a Treaty that Heads of State enjoy diplomatic immunity while engaged in diplomacy, as their representatives only enjoy diplomatic immunity as cyphers for their Head of State.  But it is a hitherto unchallenged precept of customary international law, indeed arguably the oldest provision of international law.

All law is gone, Naked Power Remains. The above quote is from — Craig Murray is an author, broadcaster and human rights activist. He was British Ambassador to Uzbekistan from August 2002 to October 2004 and Rector of the University of Dundee from 2007 to 2010.

Connecting some more dots — 1. A listening device was found in the office of Ecuador’s Ambassador to the UK.

2. Evo Morales, President of Bolivia was in Russia — but his jet was at another airport in Russia — NOT the one where Snowdon is supposedly staying.

3. 0bama and his staff and the NSA have been exposed yet again.

Please can anyone tell us why so much tax payer money is being spent on contractor spies and the military running the whole mess? doesn’t the US have better uses for some of this money — like repairing and rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure like bridges.  Or how about decent health care for all of us — rather than our current system that costs us more than any other nation in the whole world.

One unfortunate result from the arrogant stupidity of the USG is that the world outside of the US could become very dangerous for US citizens. I was in the Caribbean when President Bush decided to go macho and kidnap the President of Venezuela, Chavez. The local people were furious with Americans. All during the day I explained to my non USA friends that many of us did not vote for Bush and even if any of us were that dumb Americans aren’t personally responsible for the actions of a dimwit President. Bush (and Obama) never seem to consider the long term consequences for their actions. US American presidents and the CIA etc. have a very long history of poor judgment in regards to any nations south of the boarder. 0bama continues that evil tradition. Tons of books and articles have been written about the USA’s consistent poor choices when meddling in South of the boarder politics.

Now we know what happened when Nixon and Reagan mated — they produced Obama. Just a joke for the too serious who don’t do humor.


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