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Silent Coup?

Military Uniform

Military Uniform*

A Silent, creeping, oozing, coup in the United States? 

This “coup” question — when did it start, who are the players and what is their end game?

I’ve said many times that I had become sensitized to the militarization of my world as a kid growing up on US military bases. Growing up on military bases  we lived life under a sometimes benevolent military dictatorship. The supreme authority of the base is the CO (commanding officer) that goes with the chain of command — and even the lowly dependent civilians are under the command of the CO. After my father retired I had to learn to adjust to life in the civilian world. Some former military brats have had a different experience — due to different branches of the military and their father’s working different jobs. There are millions of us so there are bound to be a whole range of different experiences.

Back to the coup — the militarization of the police and the militarized spying used to collect all forms of communication. (We must not forget the Corporate contractors who assist with the spying,. The Military/Industrial/Corporate spying complex). It is the military controlled NSA doing the Global spying on apparently anyone — this government spying on civilians is a world wide issue. My feeling is that – most – of the “Foreign” Government leaders know about the spying and have been rewarded for their silence or they are actively involved in spying on their citizens. Recent stories from France, Germany and the UK indicate that the Government leaders know but it is the people, the civilians who are in the dark. (See the Guardian online news for more information.)

In the US we are now learning about the FISC courts and their secret laws which the NSA has used to justify spying on American Civilians. Apparently spying on the rest of the world — is just normal business for the spies — from any Nation with the money to waste on opened ended spying. Dana Priest and William Arkin have written a book and this article in the Washington Post about this secret world of spying and data collection on everyone. Glenn Greenwald is reporting the proof of NSA  spying provided by Edward Snowdon in the Guardian News. If these courts aren’t doing anything wrong/illegal and the spy agencies aren’t doing anything wrong or illegal — why keep the laws “secret’? What are they hiding? These “judges” are appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who is a partisan Republican and who was appointed by a Republican President — and a Democrat President has continued the cover up and apparently approves of all this secrecy. Once these guys reach the 1% with the help of money from deep pockets they loyalty is with their own ruling class. We the People have been long forgotten.

One comment of note to the Glenn Greenwald column:

It is hard not to notice that while the US has gone full steam to discredit Snowden’s intentions, no serious accusation has been made or evidence presented that Snowden has actually lied about any of the significant disclosures that he has made about the NSA/GCHQ spying apparatus.

That speaks volumes. 

Followed by this comment:

In fact this –the lack of any effort to refute the claims–is the heart of the matter. When you’ve been caught red (white and blue) handed spying, breaking laws, and lying to your own people and allies, the only stratagem left is engaging in smear campaigns. It’s sad that it works for a single person much less the number who believe the garbage being spewed about Snowden.

For those of us attuned to the psychology/sociology of politics there is a name for what is happening — a coup. A Coup d’etat.

Now we know: the United States of America is partially governed by a deep state, undemocratic, secret, aligned with intelligence agencies, spying on friend and foe, lawless in almost every respect.

The mainstream media sort of noticed the coup when their first amendment rights were tossed out by the systematic spying on the AP’s phone lines, cell phone records etc etc. But most of the US Propaganda network was quickly silenced by well placed approved Government “leaks”. The media whores got their pay offs to change the subject.

Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowdon returned our attention to part missed by the US news propaganda — we the people of the United States (and the world) are considered the enemy. The US Constitution is being dismantled by a secret court who write secret laws. WE the people are the enemy.

It really became obvious that 99% of the US citizens were considered the enemy by the 0bama administration in the way that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations were targeted by “Homeland” Insecurity. No matter your political party — there is something very American about demonstrating against threats to our liberty and our inalienable rights. The US militarized police force were acting toward Occupy demonstrators just like US Soldiers were trained to respond to crowds in war zones. At that point it should have been obvious to everyone in the world that a coup d’etat had occurred –not from the bottom up like the French Revolution but this coup was owned by the 1%.

The US propaganda media was effectively used to spread disinformation and turn the 99% against each other — the old “divide and conquer” trick that always works. I was getting email blasts from my conservative friends about the evil Occupy freaks. The conservative this time were the ones fighting against their best interests. (The Democrat’s example of being used — was in their election of 0bama — where he gave his “acceptance”  speech in such grandiose creepiness.

Obama's stage for 2008 Dem convention acceptance speech

Obama’s stage for 2008 Dem convention acceptance speech

John Tirman calls what is happening a Silent Coup.

Here’s a comment that sums up neatly what has and is happening — we are the enemy is the theme:

2 hours ago ( 1:07 PM)

The US is completing the transition from democracy to corporate imperialism, and the only force that could possibly stop it is the American citizenry. Therefore, a deep state focused on close surveillance is required to keep citizens from impeding the completion of that transition.

We all saw how militarized police forces across the nation were dispatched to break up the Occupy camps and demonstrations and focus on particular leaders for arrest and incarceration. Not all protest will be so brutally broken up — it looks bad. Only when a group of activists looks to be having too much of an impact on public opinion is it targeted for either co-optation and re-messaging (Tea Party) or destruction (Occupy). 

Occupy still exists and operates in individual communities, often picking up the slack for local governments, but the activists are rarely, if ever, given any media coverage, for the media, as an arm of the deep state knows better.

And if you think that sounds like a conspiracy theory, get your butt over to “The NSA Files” at the Guardian site and start reading documents.

We all realize that spies, spying and secrets have a use — there are evil people — however when our tax dollars being spent with no control, no oversight & UNconstitutionally — we have reached a point where enough is enough.

I want my civilian world back — shrink the military back to the sphere of the military base. Play your little game with each other — and get you damned noses out of our private lives.

Next blog topic — Insider Threat — experts are saying — it won’t work — it’s a bad plan. This is 0bama’s idea — he used psy-ops during the 2008 campaign in caucus states — so psy games are nothing new to this President.


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