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US propaganda network talking heads

Corporate Media Talking heads

It is always fun to watch the overpaid “talking heads” show us exactly who they are. Talking heads is a British word used to describe the pretty actors who read the news. The other word that the British use is “news readers”. In the US the talking heads have a cult like status and devoted followers.

Propaganda Talking Head

Propaganda Talking Head

The 0bama administration, just like previous administrations in the TV/cable entertainment news 24/7 , has cultivated and managed their propaganda machine. One of the requirements for the propaganda mouth pieces is to stay on message — Whatever 0bama does is good and anyone who dares to find fault with obama or his administration is evil.

Now that the NSA is spying on all of us — spying is a fact —  and not merely a theory of the geeky tech world — we are seeing exactly who the real journalist are and who the US/Obama propaganda tools are.

The story should be — in bold type, large size font — The USG is spying on ALL of us. The USG spies on reporters and steals phone records. The real story should be that the US Constitution is now considered null and void by the USG. There are numerous books and articles about the secret world of secret courts and secret laws — and now we know that we are ALL the target of the USG spying. Not only US citizens by also the whole internet has been taken over (and stored) by the USG/NSA. Ironic that it is a UK news,  source the Guardian doing the major reporting.

The USG propaganda network is choosing to attack the messenger — notice the USG can’t deny that they are indeed spying on everyone — rather they are attacking the journalists and the whistle blower. The Obama administration can count on their well compensated talking heads to spout Obama talking points.

In the latest dust up — we have Melissa Harris-Perry “scolding” Glenn Greenwald. This would make a great Onion piece — except that it is playing out on whatever propaganda cable channel Harris-Perry is “working” at. She is providing entertainment for the masses while misdirecting the conversation. My goodness the USA is having a silent coup and Mrs. Harris-Perry is playing a violin. I’m surprised she hasn’t fallen back on her usual slander of screaming “racist” whenever “The One” is criticized.

Greenwald won’t fade away and he always has the best zingers. His twitter response to Mrs. Perry’s silly redirection is classic Greenwald:

I’m really sorry, @mharrisperry, that I forced you to talk about Snowden & barred you from discussing our multiple NSA revelations.

This story here is the Unconstitutional actions of the NSA and the Unconstitutional secret courts and secret laws. We the people are being harmed.

The geek techies have been concerned about what they assumed could be done by the USG — which is capturing all digital information being produced by WE the people — and then storing this data. Now we know that the theories by the not very  paranoid techies is exactly what has been happening.

The archives of Wired and Cnet.com plus other Internet information tech sources contain the warnings about government spying. We know that hackers routinely steal Credit Card information. Last winter I was meeting with a small group of textile artists and someone mentioned having to get their CC replaced because their CC number was stolen — again. It turns out that everyone in this group also had to replace their CC within the last few months. So we know that there are hackers always trying to steal consumer information. What most of these women didn’t know is that the USG is also involved in hacking and storing the fruits of their unconstitutional actions in massive databases.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking — that these massive databases are a treasure trove of data? How long will it take for the professional hackers to find a way into the Government databases? It is not O.K. when hackers steal our CC number or steal our identities and it NOT O.K. when the USG steals our phone records and our email  and other Internet related data.

To the media whores — try working for your money and pretend to be real journalists! How about reporting the news rather than merely repeating the Propaganda talking points you probably get every morning .

Meanwhile the real story is being reported on Guardian news. The US media is following the USG propaganda line and ignoring the murder of the US Constitution over there, behind the curtain.


Here’s another good rant on the arrogant and disingenuous Mrs. Perry:

What’s the NSA story — it is up to you.  Mrs. Perry wants the story to be about “Ed” — and not the fact that the NSA/USG is spying on us (and the world).

Wacky US media Talking Head

Wacky US media Talking Head


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