GMO the upcoming debates

When a farmer in Oregon discovered some illegal GMO wheat in his field — just  by chance — a major storm was started. How did the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) wheat end up in his field? Foreign countries who buy vast quantities of US wheat started to pull their orders for wheat and several states sued Monsanto. Why should we care — food is food and so what if a few genes are introduced into our food? People just don’t want changes and just looking for another reason to hate corporations — isn’t Monsanto looking out for our best interest? Monsanto is a corporation with a bottom line interest to make as much money as possible — to control the food supply of the world means that stock holders and Corporate officers will be and are very very rich. Two sides to the ongoing argument — the benevolent corporation or the greedy corporation.

We now have yet another player in the GMO game of thrones — the US Military and its spy apparatus. This according to a new article from a German news source.

The largest German daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung has today published a shocking article that reveals how Monsanto,  the US Military and the US government track both anti-GMO Campaigners and Independent Scientists who study the dangers of GMOs.

In a very detailed article the Süddeutsche Zeitung journalists reveal information on how the US Government “advances the interests of their corporations” using Monsanto as an example.

The translation of the article from German to English is here.  The Translation of the article’s headline:

The Sinister Monsanto Group: ‘Agent Orange’ to Genetically Modified Corn 
Oh for goodness sake — I had forgotten the Monsanto > Agent Orange history. There was an Agent Orange related story about the Air Force air planes that were used to dump agent orange over Vietnam. These planes were handed down to Air National Guard and now these airmen who flew these planes are ill and many have various forms of cancer.

While recovering from a heart attack last April, Carter was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Then he started hearing fellow crew members were also suffering from cancer, diabetes and heart disease. 

Through word-of-mouth the group has compiled a list of 48 people who have diseases possibly linked to Agent Orange. 

They are now waging their own war to win veterans’ benefits for all the people who flew the C-123s who are ill and need medical or financial assistance. This would be the same benefit package given to veterans who served in Vietnam and who contract one of the “presumptive” illnesses know to be caused by the Agent Orange component dioxin.

Should we ignore Monsanto’s past history and just trust that they know what is best for us?



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