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Fear as a motive

Fear can control human behavior

Fear can be a driving force and fear can be used by others (often political leaders) to manipulate and control the masses.


M. Korstanje argues that the fear may be politically and culturally manipulated to dissuade citizenry about the implementation of market-oriented policies, otherwise would be widely rejected. In contexts of disasters, nation-states manage the fear not only to provide their citizens with an explanation about the event or blaming some minorities, but also to adjust their previous beliefs. The manipulation of fear is done by means of symbolic instruments as terror movies and the administration ideologies that lead to nationalism. After a disaster, the fear is re-channeled in a climate of euphoria based on patriotism. The fear and evilness are inextricably intertwined.[30] From Wikipedia.

Desert Abstract

Desert Abstract

Oh sure  now that I think of it in with “Manipulation” thrown in — here’s one current example of the political use of fear — TSA –and fear — Security Theater. Then there is the NSA out to copy every bit of digital data produced by humans — NSA/US Military uses fear get away with spying on everyone. Then there is the raw fear that is driving Obama and whoever is controlling Obama to stop Snowdon and other whistle blowers at any cost. I’m seeing raw fear from Obama and his Congressional buddies who are excusing his war on whistle blowers. Terrorists are not what makes the 1% fearful — nope — it is WE the people. We might find out just what the politicians and US military are doing with all our Tax money — hint our tax money isn’t going toward making bridges in the US safer and finding cures for major diseases or making sure the people in the USA have food security.

The Obama gang is motivated by fear — never has so much effort been expended in shutting down the investigative reporters (the murder of Michael Hastings is but one example). US Government approved Propaganda news is mostly what the corporate media reports as “news” oh and let’s not forget the “side” boob photos or the wardrobe malfunction photos of the rich and famous.

How many of us would have believed that Orwell’s 1984 was really a prophecy?

Snowdon is giving us just the tip of the iceberg. The 0bama gang is running on fear and showing the world that they are just out of control bullies — not giving a damned who they have to kill to silence the truth.

This manhunt for Snowdon —

. . .  has been a global spectacle, as well as a worldwide debate about the spying practices of the U.S. (and its allies).  In these weeks, Washington has proven determined, vengeful, implacable.  It has strong-armed, threatened, and elbowed powers large and small.  It has essentially pledged that the leaker, former Booz Allen employee Edward Snowden, will never be safe on this planet in his lifetime. And yet, to mention the obvious, the greatest power on Earth has, as yet, failed to get its man and is losing the public opinion battle globally. (Tom Engelhardt via Firedoglake.com blog.)

Fear that the truth will be fully exposed is a very strong motive to explain the behavior of gang 0bama.


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