What makes a leader

What makes a leader and is Obama an innate leader?

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One would assume that since Obama has risen to the lofty office of the President that he is “naturally” a leader. There is all sorts of research on leadership styles and at this point one would assume that since Obama has been on the job for over five years that he’s figured out the leadership stuff. Nope — I don’t think so.

Here’s how I ended my last blog entry

If Obama were a true leader — this spying and witch hunt of whistle blowers wouldn’t be happening. Obama has a very weak personality — he is extremely rigid and he needs a mentor. His weak personality traits and lack of leadership skills are the major reasons I could never vote for Obama — because I knew that someone else would be pulling his strings. WE don’t know who the shadow coup leaders are or what their motives are. We can only guess as we live through this era.

So lets take a look at different leadership styles and figure out which one Obama is trying to emulate. He can only copy — so change isn’t going to come from him. The biggest example of his lack of original ideas goes back to the 2008 presidential election when he blatantly copied his democrat opponent’s health care platform. Today Obamacare is the biggest confusing mess ever because this wasn’t Obama’s idea in the first place.

The 1% fears the true leaders of the 47% (using Romney’s number). The 99% who are dismissed as easily replaceable “units” can’t agree (the old divide and conquer ploy). The Republicans are being used to push a radical religious Christian Taliban war on women. That issue certainly divides us and it is the men plus a few men with boobs who are pushing the ignorant agenda — to the harm of the Republican party. This is why I believe that the people holding the real power behind the 0bama throne have no party loyalty. I’m not saying that the war on women is to be ignored — it is a real war.

George Bush the elder said of himself that he wasn’t a “vision kind of guy”. That can also be said about 0bama — his reason for seeking the Presidency may not have been his idea. Many who have watched him climb the political ladder believe that he was groomed as the perfect Candidate who could fool the Democrat leadership, he is a stealth neocon. obama chose Lieberman as his mentor in the in US Senate, another Neocon.

Back to 0bama’s lack of solid leadership skills —  he can play a leader on TV, reading the teleprompter but he doesn’t have natural leadership skills nor depth of training as a leader.  After doing a PAS (Personality Assessment) of obama based on published news stories of his days in the Chicago Political Machine I saw that it was obvious that 0bama wasn’t out there leading — he was merely working on a check list for a political resume for his next job.

Remember the financial crisis right at the end of the reign (September 2008) of George Bush the lessor and near the end of the 2008 Presidential campaign? The top political leaders went back to Washington, DC for a bi-partisan meeting and 0bama was asked to chair this meeting. When I hear this I knew that there was no way that obama had the skill or knowledge to play in that sandbox.  McCain and Obama were called to the White House for the meetings.

Links to opinion pieces and articles about Obama’s lack of leadership skills. Some of these articles are obviously of the partisan variety — but others are from people who had believed the “hope and Change” BS of the 2008 campaign.

Another clue to Obama’s leadership style is seen in how he “managed” the Obamacare working group.

While searching the web for articles about leadership styles you will find many websites that claim to run seminars to train people for leadership. Some might work — I’ve not seen any solid research to say one way or the other. As a community organizer Obama no doubt had some sort of pop psychology quick leadership lessons — which he continues to employ in his job as “manager” of his white house staff. My guess is that Obama is merely the Charismatic figure head while true organizational leadership is behind the curtain. In the future historians will have a field day when they dissect the workings of the Obama White House. One book has already been written — giving us a view into this top secret white house — Confidence Men by Ron Suskind.

It is well known that Obama has difficulty making decisions — it is said he only has one style/color of clothes in his closet so he doesn’t have to choose. Here’s another example of Obama’s inability to make a decision from a “Progressive” news blog — the subject was Libya.

With little more than the skills of a community organizer when he was elected president, Mr. Obama’s dithering on Libya as the rebels face defeat, is turning off many, not the least his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In a recent interview almost at the end of a mid-east mission, Clinton said she would not serve a second term, even if Obama wins in 2012.

“Obviously, she’s not happy with dealing with a president who can’t decide if today is Tuesday or Wednesday, who can’t make his mind up,” a Clinton insider told the Daily. “She’s exhausted, tired.”

Clinton, like many others, is tired of Obama’s indecisiveness as the U.S. dithers, even as those fighting for democracy lose their lives and get crushed by Lybia’s strong armed dictator.

Harsh? The truth is often harsh.

Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of Leadership: Leadership is “organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal”

If you want to immerse yourself in the the Behavior Science (Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology) of Leadership here’s the outline for a major self study course in theories about Leadership  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leadership   It doesn’t look like the contributors to this Wikipedia entry left out any major topic on Leadership.

Traits that make a leader:

Most theories in the 20th century argued that great leaders were born, not made. Current studies have indicated that leadership is much more complex and cannot be boiled down to a few key traits of an individual. Years of observation and study have indicated that one such trait or a set of traits does not make an extraordinary leader. What scholars have been able to arrive at is that leadership traits of an individual do not change from situation to situation; such traits include intelligence, assertiveness, or physical attractiveness.[65] However, each key trait may be applied to situations differently, depending on the circumstances. The following summarizes the main leadership traits found in research by Jon P. Howell, business professor at New Mexico State University and author of the book Snapshots of Great Leadership.

Determination and drive include traits such as initiative, energy, assertiveness, perseverance, masculinity, and sometimes dominance. People with these traits often tend to wholeheartedly pursue their goals, work long hours, are ambitious, and often are very competitive with others. Cognitive capacity includes intelligence, analytical and verbal ability, behavioral flexibility, and good judgment. Individuals with these traits are able to formulate solutions to difficult problems, work well under stress or deadlines, adapt to changing situations, and create well-thought-out plans for the future. Howell provides examples of Steve Jobs and Abraham Lincoln as encompassing the traits of determination and drive as well as possessing cognitive capacity, demonstrated by their ability to adapt to their continuously changing environments.[65]

Self-confidence encompasses the traits of high self-esteem, assertiveness, emotional stability, and self-assurance. Individuals that are self-confident do not doubt themselves or their abilities and decisions; they also have the ability to project this self-confidence onto others, building their trust and commitment. Integrity is demonstrated in individuals who are truthful, trustworthy, principled, consistent, dependent, loyal, and not deceptive. Leaders with integrity often share these values with their followers, as this trait is mainly an ethics issue. It is often said that these leaders keep their word and are honest and open with their cohorts. Sociability describes individuals who are friendly, extroverted, tactful, flexible, and interpersonally competent. Such a trait enables leaders to be accepted well by the public, use diplomatic measures to solve issues, as well as hold the ability to adapt their social persona to the situation at hand. According to Howell, Mother Teresa is an exceptional example that embodies integrity, assertiveness, and social abilities in her diplomatic dealings with the leaders of the world.[65]

Few great leaders encompass all of the traits listed above, but many have the ability to apply a number of them to succeed as front-runners of their organization or situation.


A leader is a person who influences a group of people towards a specific result. It is not dependent on title or formal authority.

My thesis is that Obama is recognized as a leader strictly on the basis of his bought and paid for title of “President of the USA” . Obama is very similar to  GW Bush before him who also lacked innate leadership skills. The most obvious example of Bush’s lack of leadership skills are the days leading up to September 11, 2001. Bush got the CIA memo and ignored it. Bush was told that a plane had hit the Twin Towers in NYC and he just sat there and did nothing. In hind sight many people now credit Cheney as the power behind the throne.

List of Styles of Leadership from the Wikipedia article:

Engaging style

Autocratic or authoritarian style

Participative or democratic style

Laissez-faire or free-rein style

A person may be in a leadership position without providing leadership, leaving the group to fend for itself. Subordinates are given a free hand in deciding their own policies and methods. The subordinates are motivated to be creative and innovative.

Narcissistic leadership

Narcissistic leadership is a leadership style in which the leader is only interested in him/herself. Their priority is themselves – at the expense of their people/group members. This leader exhibits the characteristics of a narcissist: arrogance, dominance and hostility. It is a common leadership style. The narcissism may range from anywhere between healthy and destructive. To critics, “narcissistic leadership (preferably destructive) is driven by unyielding arrogance, self-absorption, and a personal egotistic need for power and admiration.”[61]

Toxic leadership

Task-oriented and relationship-oriented leadership


Currently Obama is showing leadership of a sort in the way he is directing the attack on Whistle blowers.  The case in point is that Obama or people working for Obama are willing to go to any length to “get” Snowdon while ignoring the subject of Snowdon’s leak. It is more important to Obama that he silence Snowdon and redirect attention away from the silent coup going on in the USA.

Why? What we may be seeing is Obama showing the world that he is afraid — I believe Obama is now being driven by a deep fear. At this point I can only speculate about the true source of his fear reaction — but I am sure we are seeing a fear response. If I’m seeing fear then you can be sure that this isn’t a secret. Obama’s actions are typical of someone with a Narcissistic personality disorder.

Fear can drive people and animals to do strange things. His fear reaction to Snowdon reminds me of the video of the Impala jumping into the tourist safari truck in order to avoid death by the Cheetah. Normally the Impala would avoid humans — as the ultimate predator but faced with the choice of certain death or the unknown the Impala chose the hail Mary jump. This video can also apply to Snowdon’s choice of remaining in Russia (the evil empire according to Raygun) or returning to the US and facing torture or even death at the hands of the USG. *

What will the Obama gang think up to void the US Constitution in the coming years?


*Last paragraph was expanded for clarity.


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