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How do you know when to leave?

Struggle with self

Struggle with self, another Abstract

No not leave home, or leave the party but leave your country because conditions have become intolerable and perhaps dangerous?

The country in this case was Germany and my neighbor and I were talking about how she knew that she and her husband had to emigrate to America. This was about 10 years ago that I had this conversation with my neighbor and she was in her 90s. She was in Berlin and watched Hitler take more power she had a very clear memory of the events so very long ago.

My neighbor loved Berlin — it was a party town and she loved to dance. She was also part of the intelligentsia with a PhD in Biology. I asked her if she had seen the Brown shirts in action — oh my yes, she said. One evening there was pounding on the door of her and her husband’s apartment.  Jorge opened the door and a gang of Brown Shirts pushed pasted him and demanded that Jorge and Elaina sit down and stay quiet. The gang then proceeded to pull books from the bookshelves and throw the books on the floor. Each book was handled. Elaina thought that perhaps the gang was illiterate. Jorge and Elaina sat quietly and watched a big red book go flying, landing on the rest of the books. The gang was looking for Communist books and many of the books in the library were in English since Elaina spoke English fluently.

Was that when you knew that you had to get out of Germany? I asked Elaina. She said that they had already made a formal request at the US embassy to emigrate, but the mob behavior in general of the Brown Shirts and other Germans was intolerable. When people turn into a mob there is no sense in finding out how things will end — it will be bad, that’s a certainty, she told me.

Berlin of that era was where the action was and also where the Propaganda was concentrated — there were spies everywhere and lists were being made according to my friend. She knew that her husband was on one of those lists because he was a Jew.

I had a German teacher who was a Hitler Youth — and she worshiped Hitler until she woke up and realized that she was part of the mob. It was fascinating listening to her memories of Hitler’s Germany.

It was always a mystery how Hitler was able to attract such a loyal mob of people. People who were loyal to the death for this evil man. I spent a summer in Europe and traveled through Germany. Nice people and a beautiful country. The German people wanted to forget Hitler and their stupid parents, at least this was the opinion the ones in the Youth Hostels.

My friend Elaina was worried about GW Bush and his wars. She would listen to the Bush fanatics and then remember the same religious fever in the Hitler fanatics. She passed away near the end of GW Bush’s reign and had no idea that Obama would become President. Obama’s race would not have bothered her one bit — she was one of the least prejudiced — to her everyone was an individual not not first a member of a race. As a Biologist she knew that we all belong to the human race. What would bother her about Obama is his authoritarian tendencies and his lack of management and political experience. Those were some of her objections to GW Bush. At the time I don’t think she realized just how powerful Cheney was, but she didn’t trust Cheney.

The question of when to leave the US is being asked now and I know many people are thinking about moving overseas if the march toward Corporate Fascism continues. I can still hear Elaina’s words — when the time is right you will know when to leave. With a Jewish husband there was no option for her to stay in Germany. It will be a hard choice for individuals who feel they must leave.

What happens if thousands of our well educated middle class emigrate to other countries can use their skill and knowledge? Will the USG/military attempt to close the boarders? Those boarders being built on the Mexican boarder can keep people in as well as keep people out.

That Red book that Elaina watched being tossed onto the pile of books was by Tolstoy. The Brown Shirts had no idea what they were looking for and had no idea what a “communist” book even looked like. Elaina and her husband were never communist but they felt it important to understand something about communism since the USSR was so close to Germany. “You can’t argue against communism unless you understand what it is.” That’s what my high school Government teacher said when asked about his books on communism.

I’m hoping that no one feels a need to leave the US. But too much is in motions — Secret Courts and Secret,  propaganda passed off as news, real reporters are being muzzled (or assassinated), we live in a surveillance nation/world, citizens of the world are considered the enemy — all of us are the enemy to the US military and the TSA and the local police force. Let’s not forget the vast prison population — many for minor offenses (or secret offenses?).

Note — I don’t see any similarity between 0bama and Hitler at all. What is common about way back in the mid 20th century and today is the USG steady march toward corporate fascism. We still have time to resurrect the US Constitution and bring light to the secret courts and the secret laws. We know that Corporate Titans were enamored by fascism in 1933 to the point that they attempted to organize a coup against FDR.  It is important that we remember history so that we don’t repeat the same old mistakes.



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