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Comedy theme by Holder etc continues

Propaganda Talking Head

Propaganda Talking Head

CNN one of the many propaganda news outlets of the USG had the following “breaking news” item:

(CNN) — After spending three years in custody, the man accused … 

Place your bets — the judge will do the right thing and let Manning go for timed served? My guess is that no one believes that 0bama would allow any compassion for the torture and harm done to this young man. 0bama who tried to compare his sorry self with a dead teenager in Florida while dismissing the fact that he (0bama) approved the murder of a 16 year old American citizen on foreign soil. I don’t think I will ever “get over” the fact that 0bama ordered death by drone of American citizens.  If GW Bush had been the one to order the murder of US citizens overseas without a trial — “liberals” would have been screaming for the impeachment of Bush. Basic morality should not change merely because the guy in the white house has a “D” after his name. But since there is no out cry of outrage by the “liberals”, progressives or democrats it appears that what Glen Greenwald and others keep saying is true — that there is very little difference between the “D” and the “R” parties.

As most of us who follow politics closer than some people follow soap opera know,  the Amash and Conyers amendment was defeated by a coalition of Ds and Rs who got the most money from the Defense contractors — the money gap between the Yea and No vote was about $22,000. The title “whore” come to mind — Congress critters who vote based on how much they are paid.

Back to the “big” Manning news due out tomorrow. I’m guessing that Manning will be given a near life sentence — something like Four hundred 99 years sentences or some such “warning to others” message punishments. Any punishment at all will simply show that 0bama and his gang of thugs are now so out of control that Authoritarian Fascist regime is the only real legacy 0bama will leave behind once he “retires” and enters the 1% of 1% world that he has been striving for.

Right now what I’m reading on the discussion following Glenn Greenwald’s latest Guardian column are questions about how NSA can be brought under control of . . . who? If NSA in reality controls and/or owns the civilian politicians who are supposed to watch dog NSA behavior — then who is really watching NSA? The secret court merely rubber stamps any and all spy everyone requests.

Empty Wheel comments about the language used by Steny Hoyer one of the major “D” players:

Like Glenn Greenwald, I’m appalled by the crazy language Steny Hoyer circulated yesterday to oppose the Amash-Conyers amendment. Here’s the language:

2) Amash/Conyers/Mulvaney/Polis/Massie Amendment – Bars the NSA and other agencies from using Section 215 of the Patriot Act (as codified by Section 501 of FISA) to collect records, including telephone call records, that pertain to persons who may be in communication with terrorist groups but are not already subject to an investigation under Section 215.

The language is crazy on the macro level, as Glenn notes, but I’m also fascinated by the structure of it. First, the language reverses the structure of the actual “relevant to” language that has been blown up beyond all meaning pretending it is instead specific: “pertain to persons who may be in communication with terrorist groups.” But this language is only true if you assume every single American is a pre-investigative terrorist communicator (and to be fair, with the permission to go three hops deep into the dragnet database, we probably all are “in communication with terrorist groups”). Steny then qualifies this group (all of us, really, now that we’ve all been defined to be terrorist communicators through the genius of the half-Bacon) as “not already subject to an investigation.”

So many other observers besides myself have made reference to the fact that the USG considers all of us “suspects”. Here again is the relevant words from Steny Hoyer —  But this language is only true if you assume every single American is a pre-investigative terrorist communicator. 

It would appear that Steny Hoyer has let the cat out of the bag that” we the people” are the suspects — just as that TSA agent let the cat out of the bag when a 4 year old was called a suspect (merely because the child did not want to be sexually molested by the TSA brownshirt.)

Civilians to many in the military are the “suspects”. One example from the Manning trial of the “suspect” civilian journalists as Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News writes:

hen a recruit joins the military, he is frequently told that he is giving up many of his rights. Such a surrender of freedom should not be a condition for receiving a media credential to cover a court-martial.

As a military civilian dependent who grew up on military bases I was frequently told that the US Constitution did not apply to us (Navy brats, military dependents). Living in a military controlled environment has sensitized me to be aware of the creeping control of the military invading the civilian world.  All I had in the early days of the current military occupation was a gut feeling that something in my civilian world wasn’t right. I think perhaps that Hawaii may have been the first to experience the military creep — as urban war games were played out in suburban neighborhoods near the Marine base on the windward side of Oahu. What I observed in Hawaii in the mid 90s was widespread according to my Hawaiian friends. The NSA “TIA/collect everything” was able to run under the radar for years — although the hackers and techies have been sounding the alarm about government spying for years. Many of the alarms by genius class techies was that they could imagine if all data had to pass a choke point controlled by a government agency, how easy it would be to copy the data and send it on.

Now that we know for certain that NSA “collects it all” and has been spying on American civilians in America and now that the talk of a “silent coup” or a “creeping coup” or a “coup d’etat” is mentioned in books, articles and by political observers — what can be done to corral the military behind their double tight fences and gates? Nick Ture’s book — The Complex: How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives — is not very encouraging. Military Contractors are everywhere and we buy many of our consumer goods from major military contractors. The lists of contractors and what they supply to the military and to we civilians is rather overwhelming. There is no way that simple boycotts or individuals protests would make any dent in the power and control that the US military has over lowly civilians. I can sort of understand why some right wing NRA members believe they need to be armed to protect themselves from their own government. But the fact is that violence is never going to win — ever. Even non violent protesters

Corner window Chaco great house, Chaco canyon, NM 900 - 1300 AD

Corner window Chaco great house, Chaco canyon, NM 900 – 1300 AD

are treated with violence by the militarized police forces of America.

What we need are more Bradley Mannings and Edward Snodowns and all the others who saw something that should not be happening in America. The USG has done their very best to demonize the truth tellers. The war for the control of the story is being fought on the corporate media who have a USG approved propaganda message — and the few journalists who still believe that truth will win in the end. The online news source — Guardian carries Glenn Greenwald’s column. The discussions following any new column are always lively and educational. As always the trolls for the “other side” are ready to denounce Snowdon as a traitor etc. Today’s exchange was interesting because the bad guys demanded that Greenwald just dump everything that Snowdon gave him — immediately. Here’s why Snowdon’s revelations must be slowly and carefully released:

Two thoughts:

1) To those nitwits like Marcolf who criticized Glenn for not doing a total dump of all the NSA data at once- as a psychologist, I can tell you that attitudes and behavior almost NEVER change in response to one piece of discordant information, no matter how shocking or powerful. Rather, it takes repeated exposure o the same concept over time (in business, it’s called “7 contacts to a sale”). Glenn, your steady pace of new data, combined with your clear, concise, yet passionate summary of the MEANING of what the NSA is doing (and yes, emotion influences change more than facts) is, IMHO, just about perfect. And as they used to say, “the statistics back it up!”. Well played, sir.

2) Did anyone else notice the NY Times story today which Glenn references mentioned Snowden’s “revelations”, rather than “leaks”??? Thus doth the Conventional Wisdom change…  (by drdave39)

One big secret that should not be a secret — who or what nations are on the “secret” enemy list? How do we know if we are “communicating” with an enemy of the US if this list is secret? Could China be on that enemy list? The link is to the Yale Journal which isn’t your normal conspiracy/paranoid website or publication. The title of the article (with a ton of references) is:  Who Authorized Preparations for War with China? Do war planning documents with every country in the world exist — and every environmental plus every civil liberties group in American and the world? Paul Craig Robert’s column was the source of the Yale Journal article.


Remember that this was a military trial and this is “military” justice — decided by the Commander in Chief — who declared him guilty. One of the many reasons I am so concerned about the military take over of the US.

Bradley Manning to Be Convicted on a Day of Significance in Whistleblower History

Statement by Julian Assange on Verdict in Bradley Manning Court-Martial

Judge Issues Verdict in Bradley Manning’s Trial (Live Updates)

Manning sentence could be “just” 136 years — so I was off by a few centuries in my guess about how far the 0bama temper tantrum would go. He was found innocent of aiding the enemy etc.

“This was never a fair trial.”

The Obama administration has been chipping away democratic freedoms in the United States. With today’s verdict, Obama has hacked off much more. The administration is intent on deterring and silencing whistleblowers, intent on weakening freedom of the press.

The US first amendment states that “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”. What part of ‘no’ does Barack Obama fail to comprehend?

“President Obama has initiated more espionage proceedings against whistleblowers and publishers than all previous presidents combined.” (Julian Assange statement on the Bradley Manning “verdict”.)

Typical behavior for a Reagan wannbe Authoritarian Fascist despot.

I don’t vote for Narcissistic Authoritarian Fascist lying despots — ever. But do we even know if our votes are really counted? How far does the hacking go?


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