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“This was not a fair trial.”

Well — no joke. Bradley Manning’s trial was a military trial.

Bradley Manning to Be Convicted on a Day of Significance in Whistleblower History

 has been the “go to” reporter for information and live updates on the Bradley Manning trial. I haven’t followed the trial every day because frankly the proof of what 0bama is doing to the Constitution of the US on a daily basis is very unsettling and disgusting.

Thanks to Gosztola’s reporting today I learned about the 1778 whistle blower law passed by the Continental Congress in response to a military officer’s retaliation for individuals in the lower rank who blew the whistle on the torture of British soldiers. How ironic that Bradley Manning also in the military who blew the whistle about the lies and cover ups of the USG — is convicted with disregard for the 1778 whistle blower law. But then this was a military trial — run by people who are experts on psyops and dirty tricks.

If we need any more proof that the US Constitution has been systematically invalidated in the past few years — we need look no further than the actions of the 0bama white house. I realize a lot of people had high hopes for this President — but he is not the man they thought he was. He had unknown (to us) mentors and he has loyalty to the people and corporations who installed him in the office of the President of the US.

At this point his “legacy” is probably set in concrete and he is simply a lame duck president who will read teleprompter speeches and most people will simply ignore him. When anyone lies on as many subjects as 0bama — it is impossible to know when he is being truthful. He will still have loyal 0bot followers — his core supporters who can still make excuses for his behavior.

Now getting back to “secrets” — what is with this secret enemy list. Shouldn’t we all know who is on this list so that we don’t accidentally communicate with the enemy? Unless of course the enemy is “we the People”.



Good rant — a worth your time to read, rant.  I’ll add — Has the 0bama regime spent a fraction of the time and money to go after the Wall Street crooks and Bankers (too big to fail) who are still ripping off we the people?

People are still returning home to fine that oops the bank with the help of the cops have broke into their homes, stripped their possessions from their homes. The damned bank had the wrong address — and the bank tells their victims to go away. So this stuff is still happening — and what is the mighty Lord 0bama going to do about the big banks and wall street ripping off anyone they can get away with? These are the stories that catch my attention — plus the cops who arrest people while they are having a medical crisis — like a diabetic coma or major stroke. Both of these theme are about cops being stupid/bad/ignorant — but then they are well armed by Homeland insecurity to take on peaceful demonstrators — or to shoot a man for getting cigarettes from his mother’s car in his own yard.

Just who or what is out of control?

The Bradley Manning verdict is basically an example of everything that is wrong with America. Right now I can’t think of a better example.


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