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You are NOT being spied on by the USG

Bright spots

Bright spots

Your every move, every action on the Internet is not being monitored by NSA. If you happen to do a Google search on redacted and  redacted  you will not be raided by the FBI who will then question you and search your house.

That was before the coup. Now that we are all under constant machine surveillance. To the extent that even the Coast Guard, as part of Homeland Security, will stop boats and demand to see everyone’s “papers” — just the random citizenship challenge. If you can’t prove that you are a citizen then you go to jail — one of the private jails run by a prison building corporation. (This machine surveillance reminds me of the DUNE SciFi series begun by Frank Herbert and continued by his son.)

So this is what America — the USA — has become. This is not the world that our founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the Constitution and added the vital amendments to our Constitution. Apparently it takes a “constitutional scholar” to know exactly how to completely destroy and dismember whatever part of the Constitution the Bush/Cheney gang missed.  I can personally testify that living under a military dictatorship is not very pleasant.

OK — now the long story. A woman did a Google search for information about how to cook something, her husband wanted to buy a new backpack — these two innocent searches rang some bells for the NSA (the military who are now in control) who notified the FBI.

The good news today is that Edward Snowdon has been granted temporary sanctuary in Russia. It seems that the FBI visited Snowdon’s father, questioned him for four hours and then asked the elder Snowdon to go to Russia and bring his son back to the US. His dad prefers that his son remain in Russia where he will be safe from the USG. Isn’t that ironic.

Years ago a friend told me that she read a book by Edgar Cayce who was said to have visions and prophecies about the future. She was really enthralled with Cayce and the one detail she told me about, that stuck in my memory, is that the US and Russia would do a flip/flop — that Russia would become more open and democratic while the US would descend into Fascism.  HUMMM is all I can say. After a Bing search it appears that I did in fact remember correctly about Edger Cayce and his prediction about Russia: He said “Russia will become beacons of hope for the world.” Now I’ve got to figure out how to undo a snicker from 20 years ago.


Emptywheel has an update about the “interviews” of anyone who does “suspicious” Google searches. This newly reported fbi search is just the first that has gotten wide spread attention. Seems like a new word is needed for a c o o king thing.

Second update:

Meanwhile if any evidence were needed that Snowden deserved to be sheltered from the political thugs and their hired-gun prosecutors and complicit jurists in Washington, it has been the current perverse persecution of Pvt. Bradley Manning and the kangaroo court that was trying him. More evidence can be found in the case of Aaron Swarz, the hacker and internet activist hounded to suicide by a federal prosecutor who was threatening to lock him up for 20 years for the minor crime of copyright violation(!) in hacking into an MIT computer and “liberating” hundreds of thousands of academic papers — an action Swarz took seeking not a penny of profit. This week, a study commissioned by the president of the school condemned MIT for not acting to try and call off the prosecutor, and thus for contributing to the pressures that led to Swarz taking his own life last January at 26.



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