What is wrong with USG spying — great rant

The following quote is From TechDirt comment on an article about 0bama defending NSA spying on we the people.

Jay (profile), Aug 1st, 2013 @ 7:27am
Desert Abstract

Desert Abstract

Making it clear

Let me get this fucking straight…

I’m supposed to believe that the surveillance would help we, the people? 

The security theater is ridiculous

It didn’t stop the Boston Bomber. It didn’t stop the Ft Hood bombing. It didn’t even stop the Washington shooter.
we shut down a city for Gods’ sake and that wasn’t what got the Tsarnaev. As soon as the police stopped their search a private citizen found the guy an hour later!

So now, our president, who supports these programs, wants to tell me that they needed these programs? NEEDED?!

No, you need a swift kick in the ass for lying to the American people. You need a better strategy than taking away the freedoms of the Constitution and only giving it to your financial backers. You need to learn from history and quit repeating it. You need to fire the people that have you wrapped around your finger as a public figure while you support their policies (looking at YOU Keith Alexander!). Finally, you need to grow a pair and face the music that the American public DOES. NOT. LIKE. BEING. SPIED. ON. BY. OUR. GOVERNMENT. 

We did not sign up for constant surveillance. It didn’t work for the past decade. You used drone strikes in our name and we’re unhappy with that. You abused a war on an idea that was unpatriotic and created massive deaths in multiple countries. You cared more about your backers than the American people which you gave the worst debt to. You continued the Bush doctrine which essentially continued the problems that we’ve had since Reagan. 

It’s time to END IT! The internet is our global democracy, not the plaything of politicians that don’t understand it. The government was created of, by, and for the people. Your surveillance is wrong, unconstitutional, and undemocratic. It cuts against political and patriotic lines and does nothing to help anything beyond the state to lose legitimacy. That is not the American way. It’s the way of tyrants and dictatorship.


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