FBI “rescues” children – sends them to jail

The “rescue” of children (as young as 9) by the FBI from a sex trafficking ring made headlines. Since 105 children were rescued the FBI – (federation of bastard idiots) and has no place to keep the children some will be charged with prostitution and then jailed. Way to go FBI — way to go.

Perhaps some of these children were already in the “system” were sexually abused — so they ran and street children are easy prey for the well organized criminals who also roam the streets.

Any sane person knows that what these victims need is years of therapy with people who know how to rehabilitate the lost children. But apparently the aim of the FBI is to further the nightmare of the victims — so that the for profit private jails will remain a money making enterprise for the real bosses of the FBI.

These kids will need years of de-programming — but what will happen to a few — they will be re-victimized by the prison system — and some will more than likely be raped. The statistics on the habitual raping of girls and women in the prison population is very distressing. The link is to a Bing search about rape of women in the prison population. What is really disgusting is that when I did a bling search for girls raped in prison I saw a page of links for porn of girls being raped (I need bleach for my eye-balls and I only glanced at the links). There is a recent case about a 14 year old girl who was raped repeatedly (caught on video) by a prison guard — I’ll have to rely on memory since I never want to do a search that yields such disgusting vile garbage. Of course the idiot blamed the girls — who was well under the age of consent in that state.

What we have is apparently the FBi was unprepared to house 105 victims and some were going straight to jail.

My next question is — what was the FBI really after? Was this sting really about something else and 105 victims were merely an inconvenient detail? If this is the case then the FBI agents are the ones who need to go to jail.

Keeping people in jail is a very expensive “option” — it cost $179,000 to keep a juvenile in jail in California while the state spends $10,000 per year to educate each child. So looking at those numbers I am left with a whole lot of questions and the suspicion that we don’t have all the facts.

Almost everyone seems to acknowledge that locking up vast numbers of nonviolent offenders is a waste of money. California devotes $179,400 to keep a juvenile in detentionfor a year, and spends less than $10,000 per student in its schools.

The above article is another outrage by another stupid US prosecutor. A neighbor does a good deed and ends up in jail for 15 years. Keeping him in jail will cost the taxpayers an estimated $415,000.

Norman Pollach writes: The USG continues on the path of the . . . “domestication of the American people, as though cows led out to pasture” . . .

The FBI can send children to jail — but can’t even find treatment and therapy for the victims. Apparently we are in need of vomit buckets when we read the news.


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