Nixon plus Reagan equals Obama

Nixon plus Reagan/Raygun equals Obama part 1

It always amazes me when I get email from conservative Republican relatives who are still beating the “0bama is a Socialist” theme. If he is a Socialist he is “the worst ever”. From the very beginning Obama has worked to further the goals of the 1% (the 1% has gotten richer in the last 5 years and everyone else — not so much). My theory is that he was recruited by Goldman Sachs way back when he lived in Hawaii. Goldman Sachs was heavily involved in Hawaii’s finances decades ago — oh about around the time Obama was going to Punahoe. More than likely he went to the top ranked prep school with Goldman Sachs heirs or others closely associated with Goldman Sach. Whenever, however he was recruited to play the political game — it happened a long time ago. (Zero Wall Street crooks in jail but whistleblowers are tortured and jailed.)

Obama has a lot in common with Nixon — but at least Nixon claimed to be a Republican. Both Presidents really love (loved) being a war president. Nixon ordered secret bombing runs into Cambodia and Nixon loved to spy on anyone and everyone. Nixon went bat shit crazy over reporters doing their job. Obama is beating Nixon’s record of suppression of dissent, lying, and spying on citizens. Nixon had an enemy list — oh and he spied on Journalists and others — just like Obama. Nixon was busy destabilizing SE Asia and Obama continues Bush/Cheney’s destabilization of the Middle East — now which country benefits? Not the USA. Ultimately the goal could be to make traveling anywhere in the world dangerous for Americans?

I swear the Authoritarian personality types are so cookie cutter similar that after you see one in action the next ones are so easy to spot. I’m thinking that in 21st Century America Authoritarian personality in the White House will be the norm rather than the exception.

Reagan or RayGun really hated college students — he downright held us all in contempt. He was elected Governor when I was in college in California so I got to see his contempt for anyone who disagreed with his ideas, up close and personal. After my dad retired from the Navy we lived in Berkeley. Yep that Berkeley — People’s Garden, Hippies and anti war protests and police beating anyone who got in the way of their night sticks. Cops were going bat shit crazy — and RayGun loved to close down college campuses — simply because he could. Nixon and RayGun were best buddies — which was natural since both were from the California Republican party machine. Nixon ordered super duper secret bombing of Cambodia and the anti war college population protested — the cops went wild and beat student journalists and stole their cameras. See not a whole lot has changed. RayGun made sure that when the Santa Cruz college campus was built no central gathering plaza would be part of the plan.

RayGun put down peaceful protests and very often the protests were infiltrated by Government spies — both state and Federal. Same thing is happening now.

Nixon and Hoover spied on the earliest Feminists organizers. It was a shock to the now senior citizen feminists that even small meetings were bugged and or infiltrated by Government spies*. RayGun even had the FBI spy on his own daughter! (When I write a blog entry and search for information at the same time — I always learn something new.)

The Patriarchy of course was very active trying to put down the feminist movement — why the nerve of those uppity women. Maureen Reagan was living in sin with a married cop. When you look up the definition of “Patriarchy” you will find a picture of Ronnie RayGun.

Carter to his credit tried to control the NSA and even sighed an executive order or two limiting the NSA — even these weak efforts were overturned by RayGun who gave the CIA and NSA free reign. Although my theory is that by the time RayGun got to the White House he was pretty much in the early stages of Alzheimer disease and George Bush Senior was the de facto President. Getting shot and almost dying probably contributed to his image as a mostly silly old fool. RayGun like Obama could read a teleprompter like a professional.

With Obama part way into his second term — many people are now seeing the real Obama. There is very little that Obama does that has surprised me — he is merely copying Nixon and Reagan.

Obama is neither genius nor innovator, merely one, . . .

who appreciates, or pretends to, the need for intensifying the policies of his predecessors to be of greater service to an integrated Business-Government State.

I say “pretends to” because he essentially works from the gut, without the intellectual and technical equipment, devoted to broad established principles, all the while giving increasing attention to new modes of warfare consistent with the already enormous build-up of armed forces and modernization of the nuclear arsenal. . . .  Not bad, for a beginner, (Norman Pollack: Embassy closings, depravity of government, and a murdered child)

A murdered child just like the children murdered by Nixon in his vanity war.


More fuel to the debate about who Obama is really working for — during GW Bush’s reign the top 1% got lots of extra nice tax breaks which resulted in a huge gap in income inequality. It turns out that Obama did Bush Jr one better the USA is now ranked #1 in income inequality. The top 1% are the ones who are really being helped by Obama. Obots are doing an excellent job of giving cover to “The One”. In 2007 when Obama started his campaign he already had collected more money than any other candidate, for the job of Emperor of the world, in recorded history. This new research and statistics published in HuffPo should surprise no one. And yet the Republicans are sending out the “Obama is a socialist” email variants. So the US is # 1 for prison population and #1 for income inequality. Something tells me these # 1 rankings are closely related. In fact one of the big wishes of the GOP voter when RayGun was elected was to put more people in prison. Way back in 1980 during the primary season I attended a Republican caucus — because I wanted to vote against RayGun at the primary level. So I held my nose and went. One of the platform planks demanded by the grass root Republicans was more jails and more people in jail. I was really shocked at all the hate directed at “those people”.


Those with an authoritarian personality tended to be:

Hostile to those who are of inferior status, but obedient of people with high status

• Fairly rigid in their opinions and beliefs

• Conventional, upholding traditional values


*definition spies, spying

. pl. spies (sp


1. An agent employed by a state to obtain secret information, especially of a military nature, concerning its potential or actual enemies.

2. One employed by a company to obtain confidential information about its competitors.

3. One who secretly keeps watch on another or others.

4. An act of spying.

v. spied (sp

d), spy·ing, spies (sp


1. To observe secretly with hostile intent.

2. To discover by close observation.

3. To catch sight of: spied the ship on the horizon.

4. To investigate intensively.


1. To engage in espionage.

2. To seek or observe something secretly and closely.

3. To make a careful investigation: spying into other people’s activities

Pasted from <>


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