Are journalists now considered “terrorists”

Just asking a question about who the enemies of the US are — since that list is secret.

Desert Spring

Desert Spring

If we go by the behavior of the USG then it would seem that journalists and their family members are now the designated enemy/terrorist. What else are we to think when the news is filled with the fact that the UK detained Glenn Greenwald’s partner for 9 hours after visiting documentary film maker Laura Poitra in Germany. Greenwald and Poitra are working on different aspects of the Eward Snowdon story. It turns out that Laura Poitra has been stopped and interrogated by US gestapo over 40 times.

When 0bama began running for the keys to the White House I did a simple Google search about this inexperienced political candidate. He had just won a seat in the US Senate and before that he was elected to the Illinois legislature. Oh he wrote two autobiographies or some claim that the writing style belonged to someone else. There are computer programs which can analyse manuscripts and find patterns which match the writing style of specific individuals. What great news for the media — 0bama saved them the trouble of investigating his background — he put it all in a book!! Basically 0bama was another Bush — there wasn’t going to be that much difference between the Bush reign and the 0bama reign.

Actually now that 0bama is a lame duck and will be until the next election we are now getting a very clear view of 0bama’s core values. His core values are identical to the Chicago political machine — where ironically so many of the officials elected to high office find themselves in a jail cell.

The question is will 0bama’s manic behavior to cover for the NSA and other gestapo semi Military organizations continue until on his last day in office he will spend his days signing pardons for all the crooks and liars now working for the US Government?

Beware of Cold war thinking:

If you want to preserve “The Homeland” and your family, you will just have to trust us. And if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have no reason not to trust us.

Therein lies the rub.

The national security state relies upon the willingness of the public to trust them without question. Don’t worry about the facts and details—just let us handle the truth. But the public airing of facts and details is also imperative to the constitutional system the national security state is tasked to preserve.

Back in 2008 it was obvious to me that 0bama had nothing to offer as President — no new ideas, no grand plans and he was as unskilled at writing laws or even understanding the process of taking an idea and turning it into a law. But then apparently he was never interested in the well being of we the people — his sole interest has always been his own well being. After analyzing 0bama’s personality structure I knew that the tell-tell would be exactly how he dealt with the Bush/Cheney “Security Theater” — meaning “homeland security” and TSA.

Homeland security and the TSA have become more oppressive to Americans. Whistleblowers are tortured and imprisoned and their families denied insurance. TSA has increased sexual molestation of small children and anyone else the perverts feel like targeting. We now know that the NSA was even more empowered to spy on all Americans under 0bama than under Bush/Cheney.

Many of us are behavior observers — some trained and others have innate skills of observation. We are now in an era that is unique in human history — mass hysteria and control of the primitive beast called the mob has been made almost child’s play — all that is needed is to control the means of communication and the press. The military is filled with officers who have been trained as psyops. I’ve been to enough Behavioral Science conferences and seen the military in attendance to know that they are slurping up any and all research that will help them control the masses.

As a military brat who grew up on military bases — the absolute foundation of the military is that civilians are the enemy. I know it — I was taught this from a very early age — even though I have always been a “civilian”. But in fact I was somewhere in limbo — not quite military and never a civilian until my father retired from the Navy and I refused to set foot on a military base ever again. Military bases have no room for the Constitution — and we need to look no further than Bradley Manning’s ongoing (kangaroo court) trial. It is very clear that Journalists are the enemy at this trial.

Then this weekend with the UK’s  treatment of a partner of a Journalist — we have more proof that the enemy is us — we the people of the world.

Science Fiction novels give us so many scenarios about how this time line will evolve if we continue on the path that has been chosen by the despots now in control. None of the outcomes are very pleasant to contemplate.

Soylent Green is one future. Frank Herbert’s Dune series — set in the distant future.

We all need to do what we can — I vote or avoid voting for despots — and I keep this blog with links and a history of the dots I’ve been able to connect. The option of mass protests is probably part of the past — seeing as how 0bama’s Homeland inSecurity did such a brilliant job of pooping on the Constitution. Journalist are mostly willing propaganda tools. Even one jerks was calling for the assassination of fellow journalists — which has happened with the murder of Michael Hastings.

Every day we read about a new twist in the Authoritarian States of America — and it appears that the lines between non fiction and science fiction are merging. Nearly everyday someone says — “1984” is a novel and not a how to book for dictators.


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