Redundancy of spying

One thing that many of us have noticed about government spying — and this includes spying on other governments or governments

Over lapping networks

Over lapping networks

spying on its own citizens — there is a whole lot of redundancy and overlap. During the cold war years when the US/CIA sent squadrons of intelligence gathering aircraft to fly over Red China, Russia and North Korea. Both the Air Force and the US Navy were making flights over the three “commie” countries, carrying CIA specialists with their spy equipment over “enemy” territory. I know the aircraft that my dad flew as the flight engineer had a huge cargo area and it was easy to see that large pieces of equipment had been fastened to the floor. Even with all the personal gear of the crew in the cargo area — there was still plenty of room. When US News and World reports in 1989 came out with details about the Air Force’s Cold War mission which was parallel to the Navy’s mission the pattern of spying redundancy became clear. The spy flights over China became public knowledge again in the early part of GW Bush’s reign when a Chinese jet and a US spy plane collided in Chinese Territorial air space. The Chinese jet crashed and the US spy plane had to make an emergency landing in China.

Update modern era NSA spying below.

Over the weekend we watched and heard about the over reach of the UK and US government in their attempt to muzzle the Journalist who has been exposing the fact that the US Government has been spying on Americans and the citizens of the world. Glenn Greenwald indicated that he would not be silenced and that he would continue to do his job. Greenwald is busy teaching the corporate media talking heads a few lessons about journalistic ethics — mainly it isn’t wise to serve as a propaganda outlet/mouthpiece for the US Government.

It is not surprising that the UK government is working for the American Government — and it fact the UK government is more aggressive about spying on all UK residents — paid for by UK citizens tax dollars. Amazing, isn’t it, how easy it is for Government officials to waste tax payer money. I’ve spent time in a UK colony and I really don’t believe that UK “public servants” understand the concept of free will. They (UK government employees) know what is best — even if they are stupidly wrong.

Back to spy data redundancy — if the USG/CIA/NSA etc. follows the same pattern of several agents/air squadrons spying then more than likely we are going to be reading in the near future about massive spying redundancy. The US Navy has been busy spying for years — there are small “intelligence” gathering bases located in remote locations all over the US and more than likely all over the world. I know this because military brats I grew up with lived on many of these remote military installations. Many of my Navy brat friends lived on super secure communication stations/bases. Back in the day we assumed that the reason for this remote installations was to communicate with the far flung ships, subs and air craft.  Oahu, Hawaii has several massive spy domes on the northern tip of the island. Those domes were on island in 1995, not far from the Navy communications installation. Now I’m wondering if the rapid post Cold war growth of communications/intelligence gathering had more to do with spying on all Americans. Unfortunately that puts Bill Clinton right in the middle of the growth of spying on Americans — which had mushroomed under Reagan and Bush the elder. Reagan signed an executive order allowing the CIA to spy on US civilians — receding Carter’s prohibition of the CIA spying within US boarders.

Senator Udall and Wyden are telling us that we have only heard the tip of the iceberg about how much the USG has been spying on us for years. And yes to all ye who love your 0bama — this spying has been going on long before he won the keys to the White House. The biggest sin is probably the sin of the cover up and then lying about the cover up and then covering up the lying about the cover up.

The long term impact of government spying on anyone who uses the Internet will be devestating — and this means nearly every single American — even people who think they don’t use the Internet. Your name can still be included in one of a hundred thousand databases, if you buy food, if you own a car and drive, if you own a gun (the NRA maintains a database of gun owners — which is now probably in the hands of the USG.) In the beginning people will self censor or be in denial — they don’t have “anything to hide”.

The real state secret may be that spies are NOT very good at what they do.

If we are terrorized by our government (NSA, FBI, TSA etc.) then who or what is the real terrorist? One Informational website that recently closed down calls what is happening to all of us — Forced Exposure. The security theater of TSA molesting passengers is another form of Forced Exposure. The fact that the TSA makes money from stuff they “confiscate” from passengers is another form of theft and terrorism.

Apparently it is the goal of the USG to drive Americans into a “state of fear and submission” so that we will never question why we are paying to be spied on. Since nothing we send over the Internet is not or will never be “private” and is “owned” by the USG — I do believe that the Internet, including high speed Internet, should be free for all. Why are we paying to be spied on?


Update 2: Redundancy of spying — tagging electronic data (email etc) at both ends shown in a graphic swiped from

duplicate spying


Military spending — 2011 $1.030–$1.415 trillion, . . . Department of Defense spending’s share of discretionary spending was 50.5% in 2003, and has risen to between 53% and 54% in recent years.[32]

from wikipedia



1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce,especially for political purposes.

2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.


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