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NSA & intellectual property

tangled web of deceit

tangled web of deceit

If the NSA owns the Internet then why are we paying for Internet service and paying again to have our email read (by machines?) and then stored — just in case?

At this point I doubt anyone is naive enough to believe that the NSA dictatorship will stop now that everyone knows the NSA has been trapping our outgoing and incoming email for years if not decades.  Again why are US tax payers dollars being spent on spying on us.

Wouldn’t be cheaper to simply make high speed Internet connection available in all the nooks and crannies of the United States (and other countries the NSA spies on). This free service would come with the understanding that all of our data will be stored — forever and perhaps used against us at the whim of any unhinged US attorney.

For those that have a legitimate need to transmit encrypted data –those individuals and business could build a parallel Internet — capitalistic style, of course. It seems that some sort of parallel Internet exists — and these alternative universe Internets will probably grow. And we can just bet that the NSA will be spending billions trying to break into the Capitalist owned Internet.

Gee after reading what I just wrote and reflecting on the history of spying in commie countries — could the NSA be a Communist conspiracy? This would make a great plot for a spy thriller — don’t you think?

SNARK alert — all of the above is a snarky joke. We will still be paying to be spied on as long as the military coup is in control.

NSA broke encryption on UN communications, link below.



WordPress CENSORED the first title of this post which was — “IF the NSA owns the Internet” — which is very interesting. The truth is not allowed on WordPress apparently.

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