“sovereign citizens” – what’s that about?

Since I’ve never heard of “sovereign citizen” I did some research

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Earlier in this past week there was an article about the arrest of couple of people (with a few screws loose) in Las Vegas. Yes that Las Vegas,  the capital of the glitz and phoniness of the world. The two now under arrest were caught in a “sting” by an undercover cop explaining their plans to capture and kill cops. The spokesperson for the police department claimed the arrested were “anti authority”. That caught my attention since Idaho, is one state east, and the home of the skin heads and assorted “leave us alone” delusional folk.

Well good old NYT had some follow up information — to which the reporter added some USG disinformation/propaganda. The focus of the NYT was about the practice of “sovereign citizens” to slap liens on the property of anyone in “authority” who offends the “sovereign citizens”. So far – so good — just the facts — Sheriff finds his home has a lien for $23 million dollars. Apparently it is fairly easy to slap liens on property — who knew?

Besides the Hyden Lake separatists/skin heads in Idaho I seemed to remember that Tim McVeigh was somehow associated with this right wing group which seems to be busy during the reigns of Democrat Presidents. So checking Wikipedia — sure enough the background information is presented in a logical manner without the USG propaganda’s attempt to paint the Occupy movement as part of the Sovereign citizens movement. These are two very different groups with two very different goals and objectives.

The sovereign citizen movement is a loose grouping of American litigants, commentators, and financial scheme promoters. Self-described sovereign citizens take the position that they are answerable only to common law and are not subject to any statutes or proceedings at the federalstate or municipal levels, or that they do not recognize U.S. currency and that they are “free of any legal constraints”.[1][2][3] They especially reject most forms of taxation as illegitimate.[4] Participants in the movement argue this concept in opposition to “federal citizens” who, they say, have unknowingly forfeited their rights by accepting some aspect of federal law.[5]

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) classifies “sovereign citizens” among domestic terror threats as anti-government extremists.[6] In 2010 the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) estimated that approximately 100,000 Americans were “hard-core sovereign believers” with another 200,000 “just starting out by testing sovereign techniques for resisting everything from speeding tickets to drug charges.”[7]

Here’s some more information which ties this movement to McVeigh and his buddies — the Possee Comitatus movement.

The concept of a sovereign citizen originated in the Posse Comitatus movement as a teaching of Christian Identity minister William P. Gale. The concept has influenced the tax protestermovement, the Christian Patriot movement, and the redemption movement—the last of which claims that the U.S. government uses its citizens as collateral against foreign debt.[5]


Occupy Wall Street Goals

OWS’s goals include a reduction in the influence of corporations on politics,[56] more balanced distribution of income,[56]more and better jobs,[56] bank reform[37] (especially to curtail speculative trading by banks), forgiveness of student loan debt[56][57] or other relief for indebted students,[58][59] and alleviation of the foreclosure situation.[60] Some media label the protests “anti-capitalist”,[61] while others dispute the relevance of this label.[62]Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times noted “while alarmists seem to think that the movement is a ‘mob’ trying to overthrow capitalism, one can make a case that, on the contrary, it highlights the need to restore basic capitalist principles like accountability.”[63]Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi asserted, “These people aren’t protesting money. They’re not protesting banking. They’re protesting corruption on Wall Street.”[64] In contradiction to such views, academic Slavoj Zizek wrote, “capitalism is now clearly re-emerging as the name of the problem.”[65]

Some protestors have favored a fairly concrete set of national policy proposals.[66][67] One OWS group that favored specific demands created a document entitled the 99 Percent Declaration,[68]but this was regarded as an attempt to “co-opt” the “Occupy” name,[69] and the document and group were rejected by the General Assemblies of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Philadelphia.[69] However others, such as those who issued the Liberty Square Blueprint, are opposed to setting demands, saying they would limit the movement by implying conditions and limiting the duration of the movement.[70] David Graeber, an OWS participant, has also criticized the idea that the movement must have clearly defined demands, arguing that it would be a counterproductive legitimization of the very power structures the movement seeks to challenge.[71] In a similar vein, scholar and activist Judith Butler has challenged the assertion that OWS should make concrete demands: “So what are the demands that all these people are making? Either they say there are no demands and that leaves your critics confused. Or they say that demands for social equality, that demands for economic justice are impossible demands and impossible demands are just not practical. But we disagree. If hope is an impossible demand then we demand the impossible.”[72]

Two very different groups of people with completely different goals.

From the NYT’s article here’s the bullshit and the propaganda — lumping two groups together and calling all of them terrorists.

The sovereign citizen movement traces its roots to white extremist groups like the Posse Comitatus of the 1970s, and the militia movement. Terry L. Nichols, the Oklahoma City bombing conspirator, counted himself a sovereign citizen. But in recent years it has drawn from a much wider demographic, including blacks, members of Moorish sects and young Occupy protesters, said Detective Moe Greenberg of the Baltimore County Police Department, who has written about the movement. (bolding mine)

Could it be that Moe Greenberg is part of the militarized police and the psyops spreading propaganda. There is ample evidence that 0bama’s Homeland (in)security organized the torture and unconstitutional treatment of OWS protesters. 0bama’s first job is to protect and defend the parasites on Wall Street. Why else would this “expert” lump these two very different groups with very different goals together? PROPAGANDA 101.

It is becoming all too apparent that the USG wants to change the meaning of the word “terrorist” to anyone or any group who disagrees with absolutely anything the government does — which includes spying on all Americans (and citizens of the world).

We the people are the enemy — all of us.

The “sovereign citizens” are way off in delusional territory — they are cult members who are willing to go to extremes for their strange religion. To even say that “Sovereign Citizens” equals OWS movement is pure slander — or Orwellian/Soviet era propaganda. More of our tax dollars being wasted. However, shall we take bets that the 0bama regime/NSA will use this two nut jobs to justify spending billions of our tax dollars to spy on every single American?

“On August 22, 2013, David Allen Brutsche and Devon Campbell Newman were arrested for plotting to abduct, torture and kill Las Vegas police officers in order to attract attention to the sovereign citizens movement. They reportedly attended sovereign citizen philosophy training sessions, bought guns, and found a vacant house for their activities. The two allegedly planned to torture and kill police officers[89] and are alleged to have created videos explaining their actions and why officers had to die. [90]” Wikipedia: Sovereign citizens.  

Once again for the record — most American believe that it their duty to pay taxes. However, many of us feel that using our tax dollars to spy on our email and copy digital files etc is way out of line — that it violates our 4th Amendment privacy rights. There isn’t a whole lot we tax payers can do about the misappropriation of our tax dollars, since our elected representatives have written the laws and pass the budget which allow for the mass spying.  The continued USG propaganda attempt to demonize the Occupy Wall Street Movement is another example of the militarized corporations that have taken over the US.  Not all individuals who were part of the OWS movement are saints and neither are they all demons. Most were idealistic young people who wanted to make a difference. The corporate/Wall Street domination and ownership of most politicians demanded that OWS be put down in the most brutal way possible.

Personally I’d go with the vote that folks who call themselves “sovereign citizens” are suffering from some sort of mental illness — something along the line of the logic gene is missing.


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