Its off to war we go — Syria this time

See update below.

Fire & death

Fire & death

While the majority of Americans are opposed to the US going to war on Syria the 0bomber gang really really wants to use their new shinny toys again. (There won’t be a war with — because “with” would indicate some sort of level playing field for both sides). In the last big build up to war — the Bush/Cheney war on Iraq there were pre-war protests. During that war build up the media failed to report that the war was a done deal — too many of the talking heads were busy getting their “embedded” credentials so they could watch the “sorties” leaving the air craft carries. Whidbey Island Naval Air Base, a military base slated to close was busy building new officer housing on the hill over looking the marina. Amazingly enough I was the only person who seems to have noticed new housing being built in view of any civilian (we the people) who cared to look UP. The gate to the air base was very busy and all the guards were extra alert — the mood was definitely pre battle alert.

For this upcoming war we have the too tall former Senator Kerry, now Secretary of State Kerry, screeching the war chants – chemical weapons — death — kill — blah blah blah. 0bomber is attempting to remain above the masses — pretending to be studious about studying his options. Meanwhile the Navy is getting into place — as is the UK’s Navy, the poodle dogs owned by the US.

For me, it feels strange to be part of the majority, with my opposition to this newest war. Some wise person has already written that the various side should be kidnapped or somehow forced to the negotiation table — since all wars end with negotiations anyway. How logical and smart — start at the end before tens of thousands of innocents on each side are killed?

Solid evidence to point the blame for the use of chemical weapons is missing. Weapons inspectors are in Syria at this moment — but the US and the UK are claiming that inspections are too late and that the US and UK “knows” who the guilty parties are. Without solid proof and with fingers pointing at the “rebels” as one source of the chemical weapons this whole new war is reading like another bad thriller invented in Hollywood. The Kurds and the Russians are saying that there is proof — that the chemicals used in the attacks came from  Saudi Arabia.

The M$M (corporate media talking heads) is pushing for this war (ratings war with each other).

US Media Cite Alleged Chemical Attack, Urge Obama Administration to Punish Assad & Bomb Syria

One big name left out of the war talk — Israel. Everybody knows that Israel has nuclear weapons and that they don’t want any other country/nation in the Middle East their select war club. Israel hates Iran. Israel has been lobbying for help and/or permission to bomb Iran back to the dark ages. The NeoCons in the US also want to see Syria brought to its knees — and then Iran. If the NeoCons get their wishes fulfilled with a one, two punch — first Syria and then Iran — what is their next wish?

At this point ,most Americans are doing their best to ignore the oozing hatred driving the killing and retaliation going on in some distant countries.

American have a very short memory — for instance on the home front 29% of Republicans in Louisiana blame Obama for the delay in getting aid to New Orleans following hurricane Katrina. Obama was a Freshman US Senator when hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, and GW Bush was President.

However, at this point a whole lot of Americans know that wars cost money — lots and lots of money — which we the tax payers will be paying for. In a previous Middle Eastern war on Lebanon the Israels acted sort of like intermediaries and dumped the bombs (including illegal cluster bombs) on Lebanon. The bombs were supplied by the USG. Apparently the game plan has changed and the US and UK military wants in on the action. Who knows? At this point we are looking at yet another pointless, meaningless war where the majority of victims will be civilians. Already hundreds of thousands of children have fled the war zone — the child refugee numbers are beyond my imagination. The number of Syrian child refugees has reached the one million mark according to the UN.  “Most of the refugees fleeing Syria have arrived in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. However, U.N. officials say that increasingly Syrians are fleeing to North Africa and Europe.”

Now the US and the UK want to add to the misery by bombing? Will they use toxic warhead in Syria like they did in Iraq? Depleted uranium warhead or armor piercing bullets can be found throughout Iraq — these were used the the allied forces in their efforts to win the war. High levels of radiation from these US made have been measured in present day Iraq. Remember the Bush/Cheney lie — Iraq needed to be attacked because they had weapons of Mass Destruction — well apparently that was the truth — because the US left behind the forever gift of birth defects.

So the logic for the UK and US to attack Syria is because they THINK Syria used chemical weapons and so in order to punish the rulers of Syria the US and the UK will use chemical weapons or toxic weapons which appear to be linked to the multitude of birth defects now being seen in Iraq? Obama claim that the goal of the planned bombing of Syria doesn’t include “regime change”. Oh well golly gee — that is just so comforting for us tax payers to know. (snark)

0bama wants O.K. hostile actions against a country that has NOT attacked us. If we were using standard English this would be called a war — but since standard English is not used by politicians of 0bama pay grade — this war will be called something else. The Congress won’t approve this war because they gave up that part of their Constitutional responsibilities a long time ago.

Didn’t I read somewhere that the Syrians rebels are associated with Al-Qadea. Those are suppose to be the bad guys — or so we have been taught by the US propaganda media. Al-Qaeda is the reason for all the drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen etc etc. “Al Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda Affiliated Syrian Rebels, Vows Revenge for Chemical Attacks.” That’s the headline of the article. Does that mean that the US and the UK are now working for or with or are associated with Al-Qaeda? I am so confused — day is night, up is down, yes is no, Unicorns fart rainbows.

Syrian Kurds are battling the Al Nusra Front rebels who are linked to Al-Qadea. It is the Kurds who are questioning Syria being the source of the chemicals used in the attacks. Also the Russians are the voice of reason (gasp) saying that the source of the Chemicals isn’t Syria because the chemical weapons in the possession of the Syrian army are of a different class of chemicals than used in the current mystery attacks.

No wonder the majority of Americans are against the US getting involved in such a confusing war. Someone observed that there are no (zero, none) good guys in this war. But the dumb ass US military wants to get involved. Why? Since we tax payers will be paying the bills we’d like to know what Israel’s interest is in the war and how it is linked to Iran. There is a whole lot of loose ends and blah blah blah that isn’t making a whole lot of sense.


Intervention in Syria probably a bad idea. Read the comments about some of the defensive weapons designed by the Russians to exploit the weaknesses of the US designed weapons systems. There is certainly a lot of information about Russian weapons systems that I was not aware of.  0bama seems determined to play a puppet role to the US Military — and if the military is allowed to be really stupid — then the outcome may not be a slam dunk. Russia has a military base in Syria, this is new information to me. All of this information is unsettling to me and many other Americans — in this we are in the majority. No amount of NSA spying on us will change the facts.

The article linked above also points out the double speak of the USG — about chemical weapons being illegal according to International law — while at the same time the USG has been very guilty of using chemical weapons — depleted Uranium in Iraq — which is mentioned above with a link.

Apparently the Congress has no say in the matter — only the US military along with the UK military and I’m guessing that the military will inform 0bama what his decision will be. If the military goes forward in their war — we need no further proof that the US is now under a military dictatorship. What the military does not seem to realize that many of us are not willing to be submissive followers, asking no questions and simply accepting the statements of those in authority that everyone killed on the “enemy” side was bad — including the civilians. “Collateral damage” what an antiseptic sounding phrase.

How many of us are hoping to hell that our arm chair guesses are wrong?


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