Follow the money

“Follow the money” — from a Nixon era movie to the 0bama era of oil pipelines.

Since I’ve already attempted to make the case that 0bama is following in the steps of Nixon, Reagan and Bush it shouldn’t surprise us that in the latest march to war money is the the huge motivating factor. In fact what the “world leaders” are really saying is — To hell with a few civilians victims caught in the cross fire — they had a part to play in a YouTube drama and the dead played their part very well. Forward and onward to making more money which the 1% will hide in secret off shore accounts.

Syria is in the middle of a civil war — Syria has not attacked the US nor the UK — it is still too soon for absolute proof of responsibility for the Chemical weapons attack on civilians. SoS John Kerry get to play Colon Bowel’s role without the props — Colon Bowel may have been a sucker — but he should have known that he was being used. Kerry is simply a jerk. Russia has satellite photo evidence that the missiles with the CW came from a Syrian base which is now under control of the rebels.

Pepe Escobar explains that the Syrian Government is unwilling to admit that they have lost a military base to the rebels. It is about losing “face”. Escobar wonders if the UK and US don’t know that the rebels are in control of the base from which the CW attack on civilians was launched. The US spends 52 Billion dollars in 2013 on military intelligence and they don’t know what Putin knows and Escobar knows — that the location of the CW was from Rebel held territory???

Returning to the money trail. Pepe Escobar writing in Asia Times and in an interview confirms a story floating around which I linked to a couple of days ago — Saudi Prince Bandar in a four hour meeting with Russian Premiere Putin threatened Putin’s Winter Olympics using Saudi terrorist assets — Islamic rebels. Why is a gutter rat like Bandar threatening Putin — is he out of his mind?

Iran — Iraq — Syria — and a pipeline. A memo of understanding has been signed by the leadership of the three countries — and if Assad survives the Syrian civil war the pipeline will probably go forward. Funding has yet to be worked out — but it will be paid for by future customers. Turkey’s knife in the game — is Turkey’s desire to be the primary pipeline route — big money is involved — transit fees etc.

Qatar is a gas rich country and they want to get that gas to market. Overland. Qatar is on a tiny peninsula on the much larger Arabian peninsula. There is a power play going on between Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey (according to the Pepe Escobar interview. Turkey and Qatar want a regime change in Syria. Perhaps some of the Islamic rebels that Bandar “controls”.

The EU (European Union) would be one of the principle customers of the Iran, Iraq, Syria pipeline.

So really this whole mess has nothing much to do with CW or the victims. The US and the UK don’t really care about the truth — or the UN weapons inspectors would be left alone to do their jobs. The world leaders DO NOT CARE. They don’t give a sh*t. It is all about the gas — which is the same reason why Iraq was invaded and Afghanistan was bombed and invaded — oil/gas pipelines and minerals and more money for the folks that have more money than god.

According to Pepe Escobar the window has closed for 0bama to give the go ahead for the “Operation Tomahawk with cheese”. 0bomber is due in Europe for some world leader pow-wow event and it wouldn’t look good if he was “overseeing” bombing of Syria at the same time.

Middle East politics are always complex — long held grudges, conflicting religions and culture — but there seems to be loyalty of money — follow the money and see where it leads. It sort of seems like the religious (Islamic in this case) fundamentalists are being being used — by the Saudis and Qatar leadership. Where have we seen this before — the US corporations — oh like the Koch brothers funding US Christian Fundamentalists who are so easy to manipulate into acting against their own best interest.

One of the other reasons for hostilities in the Middle East is due to Water — limited supply of water. But that is a whole other subject which will continue to make the Middle East a hot spot of the world.

How much does the 0bama regime want to spend and how many lives will be lost because 0bama is  inexperienced and short sighted at this presidenting game.  Perhaps 0bama will undergo a brain cleanse and take up painting like Bush when he retires?

Update: I just read this article — and apparently my guess was correct that the gas attack really wasn’t important — the dead bodies were used and are being used as stage props. This is so disgusting — but not impossible to believe since this sort of callous disregard for the “little people” is so typical of the ruling class.

According to The Washington Post, this policy was decided weeks before the reports of chemical weapons use had surfaced; in fact, CBS News reported that these efforts were already underway before the chemical attacks occurred—they were merely stepped-up in June. That is, the reports of chemical weapons use in Syria were used as a pretext to justify a deeply unpopular decision the Administration had already committed to.

There were a number of serious problems with the Obama Administration’s case against al-Assad. Having reviewed the evidence of the US and its allies, the UN declared it to be unconvincing and ordered their own investigation into the incident. Subsequently, their chief investigator would claim that the evidence strongly suggested that it was the rebels who carried out the attack.

This should not have been surprising—al-Qaeda has a history of resorting to these tactics, and the means, motive, and demonstrated intent to do so. The attacks were small-scale, using a chemical agent that the organization is known to possess. Moreover, the attack was carried out on an area which was actually under government control at the time, rather than a rebel-held area.


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