Water, Gas, Oil, Syria, Lebanon

In a blog entry dated 29 August 2013 I wrote:

One of the other reasons for hostilities in the Middle East is due to Water — limited supply of water. But that is a whole other subject which will continue to make the Middle East a hot spot of the world.

Cannon Fire is on the same page — really anyone who bothers to study the history of the region recognize WATER as perhaps the major issue. Why are the Israeli settlements in Palestine territory on or near major well heads or water sources?

From a 2002 article in Grist about the Israel/Palestine water wars:

The land that Israel and Palestine share is desert or semi-arid, so the limited amount of water in the area must be carefully managed if everyone is to get enough to ensure a decent standard of living. International law states that most of the water sources in the area are international resources, and as such must be shared by Israelis and Palestinians according to the principle of equitable and reasonable use.

Unfortunately, equitable and reasonable are two words that cannot be used to describe the water situation in Israel and Palestine.

At present, Israelis receive five times as much water per person as Palestinians. In Gaza, the disparity is even more striking, with settlers getting seven times as much water as their Palestinian neighbors. Stated differently, on average, Israelis get 92.5 gallons per person per day, while Palestinians in the West Bank get 18.5 gallons per person per day. The minimum quantity of water recommended by the U.S. Agency for International Development and the World Health Organization for household and urban use alone is 26.4 gallons per person per day.

When Israel bombed the heck out of Lebanon — the reason was water. Lebanon’s population was growing and Industry needed more water. A huge chunk of water from Lebanon was piped to Israel — and Israel was determined to protect that pipe line.

Here are a few more numbers involving the Middle East and water:

Though the Middle East represents 5% of the world’s population, it possesses only .9% of the world’s water. Middle Eastern countries average only 1200 cubic meters of fresh water, per capita, each year compared to the average of 7000 cubic meters throughout the rest of the world. Coupled with rising political and religious tension, the water crisis in the Middle East is becoming more of a problem every day. One area in particular in which water is a major source of conflict is the Israeli-Palestinian region. Every year, Israel pumps approximately 200 million more cubic meters of groundwater than the water cycle can replenish. Israel predicts it will require 60% more water than what is currently available from fresh and ground water sources to meet the needs of a growing population and economy by the year 2020. Currently, Israel proposes to solve the region’s water crisis through desalination. Desalination is a process that removes the salt from saltwater thereby changing it into water suitable for drinking. Israel is now calling upon the world, and specifically the U.S., to fund this endeavor.

Israel has been waging a WATER war for decades — and the US has been pulled into this ongoing, no win war. The Syrian war is just one more battle that will go on for ever. People will die — and continue to die. The war/battle in Jenin, West Bank Palistine of 2002 when the IDF did their best to eradicate the refugee camp is when my Quaker heritage DNA kicked in and I began to look at the facts behind the struggle for land — and the Palestinian desire to return to their homeland. Up to this point I was doing my best to ignore the blood baths in the Middle East. We Americans have been indoctrinated to take Israel’s side — no matter what — that way it’s easier to accept whatever our Government leaders claim. However, when my research lead to WATER as the main motivator for the Israeli/Arab wars — it became clear that neither side was going to win. At some point Israel will elect an ultra ultra right wing fanatic — oops they’ve already done that.

0bama is a liar about his “red line” in the sand — which the liar now is lying about even saying. Jon Steward has it right the red line is a d**k measuring tape.  Steward also mentions the idiot parade — and the other Presidents making the same Chemical weapons claim.

Cannonfire has been chanting — It’s the Water for years — as has anyone who bothers to do any Internet searches with these words “Israel & Palestine & water”.

International laws, treaties and common sense be damned — the boys want to measure their d**ks. 0bomber is the worst of the worst — he has allowed the US military full control. Is there anyway out of this hell? Personally I don’t see one on the near horizon. Bombs and more deaths aren’t going to solve the issue of Water wars.

In 2002 the bleeding heart liberals blog whores of the “name” blogs didn’t want to hear about water wars — anyone mentioning Israel and water wars was banned. I expect that the Orange Satan as well as other such “liberal/progressive” blogs have their heads in the sand again.

But hey the Military Industrial Complex is going to get richer with this new war. I’m still voting for 0bama as the worst President ever — that will be the only vote he will get from me.

Redirect the vast military spending to water desalination plants — and get Israel to control its use of water — then the pressure to wage war for water might be decreased. But the old grudges probably won’t go away any time soon — both sides are too much alike.



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