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Theft of Intellectual Property

“Intellectual Property” meaning:

Intellectual property (IP) is a legal concept which refers to creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are recognized.[1] Under intellectual property law, owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets, such as musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs. Common types of intellectual property rights include copyrighttrademarkspatentsindustrial design rightstrade dress, and in some jurisdictions trade secrets.

Although many of the legal principles governing intellectual property rights have evolved over centuries, it was not until the 19th century that the termintellectual property began to be used, and not until the late 20th century that it became commonplace in the majority of the world.[2] The BritishStatute of Anne (1710) and the Statute of Monopolies (1624) are now seen as the origins of copyright and patent law respectively.[3]  


With NSA and who know how many other USG and foreign spies stealing our email and really anything that we “publish” or write in a digital form that might be sent over the Internet — does this means that all the spies are stealing our Intellectual Property?

What if I come up with a plot for a Novel or a movie and send off my ideas to a good friend — encrypted with the junk Microsoft Word encrypt software. Evidently thanks to the relationship that the NSA has with Microsoft — I’m betting that this product of my creative mind is encrypted and analysed before my friend even has time to read the file.

Company data is send encrypted and now we know that our IT friends were not paranoid delusional geeks — how many company files are sitting in NSA etc. computer data storage encrypted and  just waiting to be scooped up and sold to other companies or to foreign governments.

Is the USG/NSA deliberately trying to destroy the US from within? How is hacking holes in security systems or demanding that back doors be left in security systems so that anyone with hacking skills can swoop in and snoop and plant NSA sty;e copying and redirect software bugs?

The NSA needs to be disbanded and removed from US military control. Laws need to be passed to block the US military from spying on Americans and all the other civilians of the world. In their own words everyone except the military doing the spying are the adversary/enemies. Perhaps the jails need to be emptied of the “pot” criminals and filled with the out of top officers of the NSA — lop off the top of the pyramid of  those in charge of the NSA — jail them and then take several years to build an air tight case against the liars and thieves. That would be the goal of a real democracy in an ideal world — but we don’t line in a democracy or an ideal world. Strip the officers of their rank and pensions and forbid them to work in fields related to their job in the military. Not that’s the peaceful, non violent suggestion to cool the money wasting jerks playing at being spies.


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