Stealing people’s home

The USG, banks and local taxing districts are in the business of stealing homes according to a must read article  the Washington Post. Most often the victims of this scam/fraud are the elderly. The focus of the article is one man who forgot to pay a tax bill — less than $200. For that his home was taken from him by a complex system in which the taxing district hires collection agents who slap a lien on the home and sell the home at auction. Lawyers, bankers and collection agencies are making out like highway robbers of old.

To me what is significant is the location of this story — Washington D.C. — the home of Prez 0bama. This story reminds me of Chicago politics and some of the news stories I read about 0bama while he was a State Senator. Even back then bad things were happening to 0bama’s constituents (no heat in apartment buildings in the winter, for example) while the owner of the apartment building was funding 0bama’s political campaign and helping 0bama buy a lavish mansion in a plush  section of Chicago.

The caption on the lead photograph sums up the article:

This man owed $134 in property taxes. The District sold the lien to an investor who foreclosed on his $197,000 house and sold it. He and many other homeowners like him were left with nothing.

Of course this isn’t 0bama’s fault — except for the little detail that when evil is allowed to spread and banks are allowed to steal from old and sick people and the Attorney General of the US can’t be bothered to even attempt to bring any of the fraud cases like this to justice — then yes this is the fault of the President. 0bama has surrounding himself with lazy, incompetent people who take the easy way out and get very rich while looking the other way.

Stuff like this happens when there is a leadership void at the top.

By the way the man who lost his home for forgetting to pay a $134 property tax bill happens to be black. The Black Agenda Report (link on the right in the blog roll) has much more to say about the moral gaps in the first Oreo black guy President.


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