Did someone blink?

Updates at the end.

The mainstream and alternative media was abuzz yesterday with Kerry’s (perhaps) off the cuff remark that the US would refrain from killing more civilians (also known as collateral damage) in Syria if Assad would only give up his Chemical weapons stockpile in one week. Again those of us who remember the BS diplomatic hula of the Bush/Cheney regime will remember a similar carrot dangled in front of Saddam Hussein — except the bush/cheney gang said no deal — even when Saddam had his military guys send an itemized list of anything that might be considered a chemical weapon. The busy/cheney gang than decided that the UN couldn’t have the list and the white house took the list edited it and then gave the censored list back to the UN.

But even with the UN inspectors in Iraq — the bush/cheney white house screamed — too late suckers and started the “shock and awe” display over Iraq — killing lots of civilians — and since mostly civilians seem to be killed — we are left with the dead children to be used by both sides for PR purposes. (This killing every living thing is something that is Old Testament Barbaric – read the damned Bible folks — because the Old Testament God is not a kindly god — this god has a blood and rape lust — typical of the old Gods).  For those not willing to wade through the begats and begones of the Bible — then read Chris Hedges book: American Fascists: The Christians Right and the War on America.  It has been decades since I last read the vile part of the Bible where God demands that the Jews kill kill kill every living thing. But the virgins are saved to be raped by the Jews — such a nice God? (Nice church ladies explained to us children that back then, during the Old Testament times, there was no rape — only women’s duty to their masters.) I’m bring these points up here because some of the extreme right wing fundamentalists want a major war in the Middle East which according to their reading of the book of Revelations will bring about the “End Times”.) We need to remain aware of the extreme right wing fundamentalist of the three major Patriarchal religions — Christian, Islamic and Jewish. The Saudi’s have offered to pay for the war on Syria – and the other right wing fundamentalists have been giving the loudest war chants.

Seems like the liberals and democrats promised that their guy — 0bama was a vast improvement over the horrible bush/cheney. They lied and keep on lying.

Anyway — back to Kerry’s stumbling bumble — which like the cat who fell off of the couch — says he deliberately fell off of the couch (the cat) or Kerry says that ah, well, ah, the 0bama regime had something like that in the works. burp.

Putin was ready to play the game — saying that he would assist Syria. Then showing how Putin is so much better than the 0bama gang —

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Syria’s chemical arms handover will only work if the US and its allies renounce the use of force against Damascus.

Putin watched the way the bush/cheney gang played their hands — and Putin learned. So are we to conclude that the same shadows who were “advising” bush/cheney and now “advising” the 0bama gang haven’t learned new tactics? So many armchair political observers have pointed out that the 0bama gang is using the same game plans used in the run up to the Iraq adventure.

As the daughter of a cold war warrior — I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be hoping and rooting for a Russian despot to out maneuver a USA despot — and I never thought Americans would ever elect despot Presidents. I was raised to believe that everything about the USSR was evil — and there was a whole lot of evidence — the gulags, imprisoning political prisoners, spying on all citizens etc etc.

Yet with Assad’s willingness to say — yes he could give up his chemical weapons — and Russia ready to assist — lives may have been saved.

It is ironic that the Syrian rebels are against the deal — as is Israel’s leaders.

The points go to Putin — 0bama — it’s still a wait and see.


see Cannonfire’s remarks and links about the muting of the war drums.

Emptywheel.com  — also has been following the march to war.


3 Responses

  1. You say Israel’s leaders are against the deal, but cite no source. In fact, Israel supports Obama’s position. http://www.jpost.com/Diplomacy-and-Politics/Peres-If-Syria-acts-credibly-over-chemical-weapons-US-wont-take-military-action-325847 And, by the way, you previously wrote of the water issues in Israel without citing a single Israeli source. Israel has studied the issue and believes that it has provided more than is required under Oslo. http://www.biu.ac.il/SOC/besa/MSPS94.pdf

  2. AIPAC was lobbying hard for the war —
    Lobbying Group for Israel to Press Congress on Syria

    The Neocons have been pushing for the “clean up” of the Middle East — Syria and Iran are still on the list. The current leader of Israel is a well known Neocon. See Clean Break Document.

    There are many who are upset that there won’t be an immediate war in Syria.

    It is best to do a wide search for information and read as many sources as possible. Israel does have a history of wanting to take out Syria — when then don’t get their chance to “help” with the take down of yet another enemy — the neocon Israeli leaders are probably very angry with the Putin — Assad — end run using Kerry’s goof.

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