Lack of Leadership

The major flaw that I saw in 0bama from my research into his public background in 2008, from news articles etc that, flaw was his glaring lack of leadership experience. When writing about 0bama I will generally click the blog category — Lack of Leadership. Just because a whole lot of corporations gave 0bama millions of dollars to play with the big boys — that fact — does not make 0bama a Leader. If you google leadership styles you will have about 24 million hits in about a second.

One law that will bear 0bama’s name is a perfect example of 0bama’s lack of leadership.

0bamacare is better than nothing — but we already know that the Insurance companies wrote a great deal of the contend of that screwed up bill. There are so many loop holes and exceptions making it so obvious that the legislation was cobbled together without any input from consumers — We the People — for which this major Bill was written for. We the people said we wanted single payer and no middle men — the Insurance companies have been the sour note in any health issue. But we are told that this mess called 0bamacare is the best we can get — and it is “better than nothing”. Even the “better than nothing” garbage is still too good for we the people according to the hard core hate ’em all republicans. 0bama’s name is attached to a bill that he showed so little leadership in getting passed. Also as part of 0bama care no cost controls were included in the law — which means that we Americans will still have one of the most expensive health care systems in the world.

Environmental laws for the future — no leadership from 0bama.

Getting the Big Banking and Wall Street fraudsters under control — no leadership from 0bama.

The list goes on and on.

Then we come to beating the war drums for the war on Syria — now we are seeing an unskilled, inexperienced, non leader trying to push this war on we the people of the world.

The only big guns that 0bama has in his “leadership” war chest are pretty speeches — written by someone else and scrolled on the teleprompter. Pretty speeches does not equal leadership.

We are told that 0bama really really wants the war on Syria to go forward — although we are told that the US military really does NOT want this war. Well someone is pulling 0bama’s puppet strings — because if 0bama somehow manages to bungle this chance to avert needless bloodshed . . . . . . . (I’m hoping that this thought never needs to be finished).





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