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Militarized Internet

The NSA is a military organization — when the head of the NSA goes to congress wearing his uniform — that sends a message.

 Remember, the Internet was designed for military survivability. The software running on either end must be prepared to recognize data loss, retransmitting data as often as necessary to achieve its ultimate delivery.

We have a problem — the military seems intent on killing the civilian Internet.

Government and industry have betrayed the internet, and us.

 By subverting the internet at every level to make it a vast, multi-layered and robust surveillance platform, the NSA has undermined a fundamental social contract. The companies that build and manage our internet infrastructure, the companies that create and sell us our hardware and software, or the companies that host our data: we can no longer trust them to be ethical internet stewards.

 This is not the internet the world needs, or the internet its creators envisioned. We need to take it back.

And by we, I mean the engineering community.

Bloomberg is a business/Wall Street/Financial news service and they are beginning to look at the long term fall out of the NSA spying/cipher wars on Internet users and Internet firms.

This Bloomberg headline below says it all:

NSA Spying Seen Risking Billions in U.S. Technology Sales

It is becoming clear that NSA and all the spies from around the world want to kill the Internet and kill the US technology Industry. Which means that Computer Engineers and all the other geeks are going to have to create a CIVILIAN Internet for Civilians only. The military must be kept out of the civilian internet. I learned as a child that the military does not play well with civilians. The US Military is NOT a democratic organization — the US Military expects and demands complete subservience and submission from ALL. Everyone. Everything.

At the same time NSA spies — spies in general — the military in all forms will exist — that is a fact of life. Right now the military does NOT respect we civilians — and they never have in my experience EVER respected civilians. The fact that this mass spying on civilians which is contrary to the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution has been going on for decades tells us that the US Military has no respect for the law.

What we have is a huge mess — and the details of the spying and the sharing of information (blackmail perhaps) with other countries is beyond disgusting.

So — we vote out anyone who refuses to vote to limit, restrain, outlaw illegal and Unconstitutional behavior, practices of the Spies and US military.

RESPECT. Respect for the Constitution. Jail time for anyone who takes an oath of office and who then violates their oath of office.



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