Post 9/11 era — lies and more lies

AS much as things change — they stay the same

Al CIAda (al Quaida) — 11 September 2001 and 11 September 2013 —  yep those evil bad guys who did a whole lot of damage 12 years ago and in the process have made a whole lot of people very wealthy — the folks who run the Security Theater of the absurd.

On 9/11 20001 the war in the Middle East (the Crusades) was brought to American soil in a very big and splashy way. Mostly the victims were ordinary folks — who were loved by ordinary folks. Back then we the people thought of ourselves as special and good. There are a lot of conspiracy theories about what really happened that day — but I’m not going to touch that subject with a 10 foot pole. The government had secrets and we the people were told half truths and lies. Bush and Cheney were given warnings — but didn’t act — supposedly because they were the professionals and the Clinton gang were the Hill Billies from Arkansas. That doesn’t matter — what mattered was that the bush/cheney gang wanted a war — Bush wanted to be a war President. So this gang lied the US into a war with Afghanistan and then Iraq. From that point on everything has gone downhill — except a tiny percentage of the world’s population got richer and richer.

Looking back we can all see the lies by Wall Street and the Bankers who made off like the bandits that they are. The US Tax payers bailed out the banks and the banks foreclosed on home owners — often illegally and still none of the lying bankers and Wall Street Brokers have been made to pay for their crimes. Lying liars rule.

Next up — 0bama who was supposed to be the savior — he would be the truth teller. But now everyone knows when 0bama’s lips move — that means he is telling another lie.

In the days before the Iraq invasion the Media beat the war drums — some journalists were merely stenographers — copying the propaganda of the bush/cheney gang and reporting the propaganda as news.

Today we learn that yet another female reporter Elizabeth O’Bagy the source used by Sec. of State Kerry and Senator McCain about the “moderate” Syrian rebels. Middle East observers that I’ve learned to trust over the years, Juan Cole, Robert Fisk, Pepe Escobar for example, have been telling us that the rebels are Al Quida (Al CIAda). Elizabeth O’Bagy

In addition to her role at the Institute for the Study of War, Ms. O’Bagy is affiliated with the Syrian Emergency Task Force, a nonprofit operating as a 501(c)(3) pending IRS approval that subcontracts with the U.S. and British governments to provide aid to the Syrian opposition,” the WSJ added in its clarification.

Ms. O’Bagy was fired for fraud — claiming that she had a PhD which turned out to be bogus. Syrian opposition = rebels = Al CIAda. The al Quida (Al CIAda) are supposed to be the bad guys. Why is Israel championing the rebels, why is the Saudi government assisting the rebels? Why does 0bama want to put the US Air Force and US Navy Air out for hire for Al CIAda?

If Barack Obama decides to attack the Syrian regime, he has ensured – for the very first time in history – that the United States will be on the same side as al-Qa’ida.

Quite an alliance! Was it not the Three Musketeers who shouted “All for one and one for all” each time they sought combat? This really should be the new battle cry if – or when – the statesmen of the Western world go to war against Bashar al-Assad.

The men who destroyed so many thousands on 9/11 will then be fighting alongside the very nation whose innocents they so cruelly murdered almost exactly 12 years ago. Quite an achievement for Obama, Cameron, Hollande and the rest of the miniature warlords.

Here’s more about Kerry’s lobbying efforts for . . . . it looks like the Al CIAda —

While the radical Islamists among the rebels may not be numerically superior to more moderate fighters, they say, Islamist groups like the al Qaeda-aligned Nusra Front are better organized, armed and trained.

Kerry’s remarks represented a change in tone by the Obama administration, which for more than two years has been wary of sending U.S. arms to the rebels, citing fears they could fall into radical Islamists’ hands.

Cognitive Dissonance — anyone hear low rumbling at night in rural areas — we are hearing massive Cognitive Dissonance.


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