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A couple of avoid the war questions

CW threats, Nuclear Weapons, protecting weapons from dangerous religious sects

For now it appears that Syria has escaped the cruise missiles. For that President Assad has promised to give up Syria’s Chemical Weapons. To rational folk like the majority of “we the People” of the world — this is good news. Never mind the questions — why did Syria have CW in the first place — or perhaps we need to ask that question as well.

From what I’ve been reading Syria has CW because major war suppliers make all sorts of weapons and with enough money any despot or dictator can buy weapons. There are discussions going on all over the Internet — so I will admit that most of my questions are not original because someone out there has already thought about “what would happen if. . . ” and “why does Syria have CW?”

Will the Syrian rebels be forced to give up THEIR CW? Oh and Saudi Arabia is sending death row inmates to fight in Syria. Nothing like sending murderers and rapist into a foreign country armed to . . . what?? More murder and rape? How can anyone cheer for either side — except that good ole 0 bomber seems to be cheering and sending arms for the rebels . . . . who are the Al CIAda.

One comment I’ve not seen often is that Syria and other Islamic countries feel the need to arm themselves with CW because Israel has Nuclear Weapons — this is often called the 2 ton Elephant in the Living room discussion. I often forget that Israel does indeed have the ability to kill just about everyone living in the Middle East as well as most of the population living around the Mediterranean, plus large chunks of North Africa. Why haven’t UN inspectors checked and verified Israeli nuclear weapons??? Crickets — well yes there is that.

We all know that a whole lot of really nice sane people live in Israel — and then there are the ultra orthodox fundamentalist Jews who seem to really hate everyone who isn’t part of their tiny sect. Thankfully they are a tiny minority and have no hope of gaining control of the Nukes — is this a wise assumption on my part? Are Israel’s nukes protected from vile, bigoted, racist, misogynist, fundamentalist, sects? By the way those words — vile, bigoted, racist, misogynist, fundamentalist, sects — also works for extreme right Christians fundamentalists and extreme Islamic fundamentalists. Is is possible to gather up these various sects and put them on a desert island somewhere to sort out their differences so that they don’t get a whole lot of people killed? No that wouldn’t be humane to anyone.

Once Syria gives up her CW etc. will the West — meaning the USA stop arming Al CIAda? By this point in time most of Americans are in on the biggest government secret — that the guys — as in males — that did the nasty violent stuff on 11 September 2001 were supported or were members of Al CIAda — this goes way back to when the CiA sort of created a guerrilla organization with Bin Laudin to beat up on the Russians in Afghanistan.  One view says there is no CIA al Quaida link so stop saying that, Another view says yes there is the old CIA/ al CIAda connection. There are also those who believe that the Saudis help fund the Al Ciada — sort of like most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals. Here’s another yes there is a CIA al CIAda connection. The spy guys love to play their games — gee where would novelist get stuff for their books?

What ever — there is now a large body of evidence that the Saudis are funding the militant Rebels in Syria. So this Syrian Civil war — is also partly a war of aggression funded by the usual suspects.

Now according to some stories the rebels managed to liberate some of the CW’s from the Syrian army and the earlier CW attack can be traced back to the rebels. My head is spinning — it’s hard to keep all the players and their stories straight. Perhaps I need to fall back on my Navy Brat schooling — the military always lies.

Does Israel also have non nuke Chemical Weapons?? If so — should Israel sign the CW treaty and then get rid of them — just in case. Of course if Israel doesn’t have CW but just plain old Nuclear weapons — shouldn’t these weapons be declared and inspected. The US had Russians visiting nuclear sub bases to inspect weapons — that is the US Navy with Nuclear weapons were visited by Russians as part of the START treaty. This happened to the other branches of the US military who had nuclear weapons. Why hasn’t the Israel nuclear stores been visited by the Russians — seems fair for those Russian visits to happens to the Israelis as well. I knew a few people who worked on sub bases visited by the Russians and I do believe that the news media mentioned one or more of these visits. This was the end of the Cold War — Yea Hooo!! after all.

For every person who looks beyond the official story and gleans the indisputable truth about “al-Qaeda” and various other intelligence contrivances engineered by the Pentagon, CIA, MI-6, Mossad, et al, there are literally millions of people who buy into the official explanation, or rather Brothers Grimm machination-the Muslims, represented by the dead Osama and al-Zarqawi, are out to get us and an incessant “clash of civilizations” is required, with attendant police state and tyranny at home.

Meanwhile in blogville cannonfire has been nosing around a possibly huge story. “Syria: this could be Explosive”. This story is about who the hell was responsible for the Chemical attack which right now the 0bama regime and a whole lot of stenographers are blaming on the Syrian army. Click the link and then click the other links of people who were in the position to see what was really happening in Syria when the CW release happened.

Again remember there are no good guys in this story — none. Both sides are really awful — both sides are guilty of human rights abuses — both sides treat women really bad — that’s “part of the patriarchy culture of the Middle East”. B.S. The rebels have cannibalistic tendencies which they displayed for the world. The rebels kill children — proudly. We already know the chaos caused by Taliban al Qaeda (Al CIAda) — execution of women on mere whims. Syria has been used by the US to torture rendition victims — one horrible case was a Canadian who was kidnapped out of the NY airport and rendered to Syria for horrific torture. I feel physically ill every time I even think of the torture Maher Arar endured. He will never recovered from the physical and psychological torture. The USA does not give a damn. Syria was doing  “torture by proxy” for the good old USA.

Neither side deserves to win — that’s the unvarnished truth.


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