NSA and the family letter

You have mail — from the NSA leadership

Kevin Gosztola blogging at FireDogLake.com has posted images of a letter that NSA’s Keith Alexander and John Inglis sent out to employees and family telling them that they would weather this “storm”:

The National Security Agency sent out a letter to all of its employees and affiliates, including contractors, that could be printed and shared with family, friends and colleagues. It was intended to reassure them that the NSA is not really the abusive and unchecked spying agency engaged in illegal activity that someone reading former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s disclosures might think it happens to be.

The letter, sent on September 13, is signed by NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander and NSA Deputy Director John Inglis, begins, “We are writing to you, our extended NSA/CSS family, in light of the unauthorized disclosure of classified information by a former contractor employee.”

Both emptywheel.com and techdirt.com have additional comments about this “dear family” letter. Also Gosztola and the lists the lies and misinformation contained in this letter — the letter was dated 13 September — Friday the 13th.

As has been pointed out by others writing about the culture of the spy industry — these guys live in a bubble. The jerks seemingly have no idea that they have collected so much data that it is impossible to manage the data — let alone have any awareness of data breaches by NSA employees and contractors. NSA etc. are collecting data — merely to be collecting the data and perhaps brag to the rest of the spy guys (FBI etc) about the length of their penis about the total f**k bits of data collected. Perhaps they are in competition with each other — acting like wrecking balls of American’s privacy.

One comment about this letter hits the mark — due to the military collecting data on civilians — really how creepy is that? This has been my major horror from day one. The military has set itself apart from civilians — civilians are the enemy to the military top brass. It is a them against us mentality.This NSA is exhibit one — in the them against NSA mentality. Close the NSA down — put the nutjob Keith Alexander in jail — no bail — put him on trail for treason. Either a jail cell or a padded cell — makes no difference — the guy is crazy. We have a legal system — we have laws, we have everything in place to deal with the monster creator — who calls himself Keith Alexander. He needs to have a public trial — and we need to know everything about him — every stinking, dirty detail of his political military career. What sort of a sex life does he have — we need all the nasty dirty details (yeck — I’ll skip listening to that court day). From TechDirt.com — comment on the NSA family letter.

Anonymous Coward, Sep 20th, 2013 @ 1:04pm

Re: Re: The real problem

It is classic military arrogance. People with stars are often extremely good at locking in on a single target and ignoring the collateral damage to reach it.

Unfortunately generals lack those more civil minded leadership skills. Having experience with military discipline and politics are not necessarily a good combination by itself.

As the result it seems the generals are playing wordgames where they keep changing the wording untill something passes muster. It is not true that they can make mistakes, they are, however, able to gain experience…

South Africa had a “Truth and Reconciliation” Commission:

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was a court-like restorative justice[1] body assembled in South Africa after the abolition ofapartheid.[2] Witnesses who were identified as victims of gross human rights violations were invited to give statements about their experiences, and some were selected for public hearings. Perpetrators of violence could also give testimony and request amnesty from both civil and criminal prosecution.

The TRC, the first of the nineteen held internationally to stage public hearings, was seen by many as a crucial component of the transition to full and freedemocracy in South Africa. Despite some flaws, it is generally (although not universally) thought to have been successful.[3]

NSA has stolen from the American people — stolen data and stolen taxes. What the American spy agencies has done is really evil and wrong and no Prez appointed committees to “look” at the “problems” will be enough to fix the problems. The spying has been going on for too long and the laws broken are vast. The Constitution has not been protected nor defended by the President nor the Congress nor the top military brass involved in the mass spying.

There is something very sick about the NSA leadership in their need to strip We the People naked.



Notice there is no suggestion that the FBI investigate the NSA — because basically there isn’t much difference between the two organizations. Both spy on Americans.

Then there there is the case of the unarmed guy in Florida who was shot 6 times — assassinated by the FBI — after having questioning the guy for hours. Turns out that the FBI was using the murdered guy’s girlfriend in order to WHAT? Who know? The FBI doesn’t record interviews nor do they take notes — they are gods.

On top of that there is a story on Techdirt how the FBI and other law enforcement types are ignoring the US Constitution and sort of just writing their own laws. Not satisfied with trashing the 4th Amendment the US Government is now trashing the 5th and 6th Amendment.

The Russian Programmer I wrote about in a previous blog says it best — don’t talk to the Feds — if you do the agent will get on the witness stand and just make stuff up.

For those of you who assume that you would never be caught in this situation because you obey all the laws — think again. The cops and FBI have been known to break into homes of innocent people and sometimes innocent people die. So you could be the victim of identity theft or the cops can’t read the address and you will find yourself — the victim — treated as a criminal. At times like these the cops will try everything possible to cover up their screw up — so it looks like we all need to read and memorize the Techdirt article.

The invocation of these two crucial rights must be made clearly and unequivocally. That means that there can be no doubt, from the words that leave your mouth, that you are invoking your rights. This is how you do so: 

I do not want to answer questions. 

I want to speak with my lawyer.

Your rights, properly invoked, prevent the things you say from being used against you, but only if you a.) stop talking and b.) wait for your lawyer. And these rights need to be invoked loudly and clearly whenever another member of law enforcement enters the interrogation room, otherwise the newcomer can claim the arrestee never invoked his rights.

Apparently the Government is trying to keep this information a secret — because as we have learned in the past few weeks — WE the People are the enemy.



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