Global Warming and Wildfires

Fire & death

Fire & death

The description of California’s rim fire aftermath seemed vaguely similar to another fire in New Mexico. The descriptions of large patches of ground where the fire burned so intensely that the soil was sterilized and it would be many years before anything would grow in the “moonscapes”. The Spring wild fire in the North eastern corner of New Mexico was the first mention of the extreme severity of the wildfire. The headlines for the aftermath of the CA rim fire read: “Nearly 40% of the Rim Fire land a Moonscape”.

The wildfires also increase global warming as well as glacier and ice melts in Iceland and the Arctic Circle.  The wind carried carbon from wildfires makes its way to the Glaciers and darkens the glaciers which increases Glacier melts.

We will have to wait and see about the dire predictions of the biologists who have seen and tested the sterile soil — I’m sort of hoping that they might be wrong. But knowing that seeds need basic nutrients in the soil in order to thrive — and if the nutrients were consumed in the intense heat of the wildfires it will take several generations for any return to normal. But as the wild fire experts are saying — the wild fires we are having today are the new normal — and there is no going back. We have reached the tipping point.

What then will be left for the next generations — water is being used and wasted in the Fracking process. Places in Texas have run out of water and many people who have wells are selling water at a profit to the oil companies. The oil pipeline will proceed and there will be pipe line leaks and failures — because there is never 100% guarantee for pipeline integrity.  More offshore oil wells will fail and more massive oil spills will happen — because nothing is perfect and the International companies only interest is profit and the bottom line.

Do the 1% intend to leave anything for the future — or do these 1% and the enablers among the 99% expect to be rapture up to a fresh new world by their God? I’m just asking — because if we don’t learn to live wisely . . .  forget it — the time to live wisely and to remember the 7th generation is long past.

Southwest desert

Southwest desert

It is best to take as many photos and paint as many landscapes as possible so the next generations will at least get to see the ancient world (ancient to the 7th generation people).

Many people have tried to make a difference in this world,

But the greedy are more powerful and the 1% can buy politicians.




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