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Up is Down

After the planes crashed into the Twin Towers in NY city and then the Pentagon in D.C. we were told that the evil bad guys were Al-Qaeda. The photos and names of the bad guys were front and center — these guys are bad — these guys are Islamic terrorists. This information has been so ingrained in our collective unconscious that to Americans Al-Qaeda = evil.

Massive amounts of money was spent on spying on the bad guys — who we were told were the most evil Al-Qaeda. We now know that the NSA etc. was spying on everyone — but it was for our own protection — trust the NSA, FBI etc. they are working hard to protect us from another 9/11. The sheeple fell for the lies — because we now know that the techies who were telling us that email  isn’t secure or private, nor is  anything on the Internet safe from thieves. Who knew that the thieves happen to be the USG spies? Theft of intellectual property — our email is stealing — thus those doing the stealing are thieves.

Then a whistle blower collected documents which supported what the, no long paranoid, ITs were telling us — but the depth of the spying on we the people was much worse. (Especially the bit about de-encryption or hacking by the NSA)  So now we now for a certainly that the US Government lies — most of the time.

Now it seems that in Syria the rebels fighting against President Assad are the “good” guys — and these good guys also happen to be Al-Qaeda. Prez 0bama according to news reports has sent a massive shipment of arms to the Syrian rebels — who just happen to be Al-Qaeda — the “moderates” have been defeated by Al-Qaeda.

The USG propaganda about the evil Al-Qaeda (al CIAda*) has worked so well on me — that I am just outraged that more of my tax dollars are going to support the bad guys — yet again.

The House of Representatives have told Americans who can’t accord food — and who depend on food stamps so they don’t starve to death — well the poor of American can go starve. The reason being for starving Americans is so that arms can be sent to al CIAda. So the Prez with support of the GOP can find $$$$$$$$$$ for the bad guys — because???? No answer from the Prez — other than the unproven and probably impossible to prove claim about just who the real villains are — since neither side has any concept of “human rights”. It would seem that the Syrian war is just another religious war — which the despots of the Middle East have been engaged in since Biblical mythology was written by authors unknown.

The religious wars and bigotry of all sides in the Middle East wars are gut wrenching — there is no logic or common sense in the reasons why the wars must continue. All sides are dedicated Patriarchies with a shared misogyny. In fact the only things thing all sides have is a common Ancestor — Abraham and misogyny. This old Crone finds no logic or justification for Patriarchal wars.  But I do believe that al CIAda is evil.

Robert Fisk — on the Syrian war.

*Al CIAda = CIA controlled “terror” organization, used to create false flag events to help progress the agenda of the New World Order.

definition from Urban Dictionary.


More on the ongoing religious war — Israel against ancient Beduins whose ancestors probably lived in the area before the ancient Israelis claimed the land on order of their God. UN officials are being abused by the Israel military. The Israelis make the laws and enforce the laws, ignoring International laws — apparently International laws are meaningless to Israelis and the USG. To understand the depth of the hatred driving the religious wars in the Middle East — read the first comment after the news story from Jerusalem Post linked above. But not all Jews are like the racist bigoted woman — the response to this bigot was “shame on you”. Many Israelis desire peace and see no reason to hate others simply because they aren’t Jews. Government may be evil — most most people of the world just want to survive and live to see the next day.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a statement that Makhul was the third Beduin community to be demolished by the Israelis in the West Bank and adjacent Jerusalem municipality since August.


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