Deming New Mexico USA

Deming, New Mexico is in the news because of the poor judgment of the police and judge. 

The war on drugs is a war on all of us — because we all are paying the bill for the jails and the police force used to round up “drug users” to fill the jail cells. Drug addiction is considered a crime — rather than a medical problem or even a psychological problem. In some cases the “drug problem” could be self medication — and although the Feds are quite clear that mary jane, marijuana, has zero medical uses — scientific evidence says otherwise

Back to Deming, New Mexico — and a man who did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign. The cops said he was clinching his butt and therefore he must have drugs up his butt. I won’t list all the things that were done to this guy’s anus — against his will — which is anal rape. Bottom line after being raped repeatedly — by cops and by MDs in their quest for drugs — no drugs were found — by digital intrusion, X-ray, and mechanical intrusion. At no time was this individual allowed access to a lawyer. The full details of the rape and torture and legal discussion can be found here

How far will the cops go.  I’m hoping that somewhere in the US a few good cops might still exist — but as more news of the bad behavior of cops which is then defended by their commanding officers — the new rule might be — don’t trust the cops until there is strong evidence that particular individuals are worthy of our trust and respect. 

Another story about the war on drugs and the prison system — Murder by Food. Washington State is working towards making the use of marijuana legal. One person got caught up on the war on drugs — went to jail — and although the prison authorities knew that dairy products would kill him — he was still given food containing dairy products. He died — and the surveillance shows that he asked about dairy products in his oatmeal. The authorities knew that they murdered this prisoner so they attempted to hide the surveillance tapes. 

All the needless deaths, lives ruined by Government policy called the War on Drugs — how much more stupid can a so called civilized Nation get then to flush lives and potential tax paying citizens down the drain. 

Personally I’ve never been tempted to sample any of the popular drugs. Not because I believed the Government propaganda — but rather I happen to be allergic to so many things that I’m careful about anything I eat or drink. I also don’t like to turn over control to an unknown chemical. I’ve watched too many people turn into silly, stupid fools by drinking too much alcohol or use drugs. But I do not believe I have the right to force my choices on others. Turning drug addiction into a crime is illogical and unscientific. 


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