Southern Oregon Coast

A few years ago we took a winter journey down the Pacific Coast following highway 101 along the Oregon Coast. Portland was, of course very wet, but by the time we reached Port Orford and Gold Beach Oregon — it was sunny and at least 10 degrees warmer than the Washington coastal region is during the winter months. Oregon locals told us that their coastal region of the state was in a “sun belt” and that they were dryer and warmer than up north.

This year instead of the very long journey to the Southwest we are considering over wintering in Coastal Southern Oregon. There is also a neat little book on Day Hikes along Oregon’s Coast which I found at REI. This shorter journey should set us up for a quick return in order to get ready for a voyage to Hawaii — if we decide to jump through the hoops that the Hawaii Department of Agriculture has set up modern plan to allow pets with microchips and detailed tests and health records to skip the 120 days of jail time for the furkids. The rules were set up for air travel — but what the heck — have sail boat will travel.

From reports I’ve read just about any sort of sailboat can make it to Hawaii — but the real challenge is in the return trip. This is where a blue water sailboat is necessary. Some people sail to Hawaii and then fly back. We did have a long range plan to sail around the world, however with the current poor behavior of the US Government — American citizens are at risk out there beyond the US boarders.

One could sail to Hawaii and then provision in Hawaii and sail thousands of miles to US Samoa or Guam and then loop back to Hawaii. Sailing to Australia has become tricky — since their custom guys aren’t communicating with their diplomatic guys — US cruisers have been hit with fines of $10,000 in custom fines by following the advice and rules of the Australia consulate. Since I’ve lived in a dependent British colony with customs guys who make up the rules as they go along — Australia seems to be using the same play book — also being a non dependent British colony.

Our sailboat is more or less ready to go — French blue water boat — our boat’s sister ships have raced from the US mainland to Hawaii and returned. She’s an old boat — but a classic fiberglass boat of good design.

The thing is that when I take a vacation — the Government and NSA still do their sneaky stuff to those of us who follow politics.

After being off the grid for a fall sailing adventure I come home to all kinds of news leaks about the NSA collecting so much information on all of us that they are making fools of themselves — and harming the  USA Internet/Computer Information complex.

One question I have about the multiple collection of the same data by the different US spy agencies — doesn’t this copying of data flows slow down the whole data stream? How fast would the world Internet be if none of the spy agencies were creating bottlenecks? Nobody talks about the High Speed — broadband being constipated due to US spy agencies.

So if I’m gone for 30 days or more — what sort of nasty news will be waiting once I get back online again? What will the news be like a year from now?



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