ACA lacks cost control

The Single payer wish of citizens was ignored by D.C. politicians before 0bamacare/ACA/Affordable Care Act was passed.

The poll, which compares answers to the same questions from 30 years ago, finds that, “59% [of Americans] say the government should provide national health insurance, including 49% who say such insurance should cover all medical problems.” (Health Care Now blog)

But as we all know our wishes were ignored and the ACA monstrosity was passed with plenty of time to let the Insurance Companies figure out how to use the US Government to force to play reverse Robin Hood. The threat is — pay for insurance that many people can’t even use due to high deductible (consumers pay thousands of dollars out of pocket before insurance pays some of the bills)  and high co-pays. OR pay a fine and then pay for all health yourself. This seems like a sure way to increase the number of personal bankruptcies due to medical bills.

When I read the Senate version of the ACA — cost control wasn’t part of the document. There was something about a 80/20% split — or 80% of money received by insurance companies was supposed to be spent on health care and 20% for “administrative” whatevers.

Not much has changed — Mayo Clinic’s CEO, “ACA lacks key cost controls.”

Obamacare does nothing to link doctors’ fees to their performance and reduce health-care costs, the head of the Mayo Clinic told CNBC on Friday.

“The Affordable Care Act is basically insurance reform—eligibility and access—and basically, they are going to pay for that by reducing the reimbursement. It doesn’t modernize how we drive to higher quality care,” Dr. John Noseworthy said in a “Squawk Box” interview.

He said that updating reimbursement methods to reflect better outcomes will lower health-care costs. “Right now, we’re in a system where we’re reimbursing volume of care not quality and outcomes of care—safety, efficiency and so on. And that’s where most of the costs are.”

There have been several opinion articles about ACA’s history — in one version 0bamacare should really be called Nixoncare. Apparently Nixon offered a Health Insurance deal to the Democrats which the Dems rejected.

Obamacare is policy that has roots in the Nixon administration, was updated by the Heritage Foundation, a Right-wing think tank, and supported by people like Newt Gingrich. It was first put in place by Republican Governor Mitt Romney in Massachusetts (where it has not worked). The ACA further privatizes our health care by pouring hundreds of billions of public dollars into the pockets of private health industries. It is accelerating the privatization of our public health insurances, gutting our safety net and fomenting greater consolidation of our health delivery system into private hands. It sets the stage to completely privatize the pillars of the old Democratic Party: Social Security and Medicare. (Margaret Flowers, MD)

For the very rich Insurance Company CEOs, adding a few hundred dollars to the cost of Health Care Insurance for each policy sold, seems like a way to add more to the bottom line and thus into their own inflated pay checks — so really who cares? In the early days of the ACA debate I read an article with a generic budget about how Americans really could afford to pay for health insurance — rather like the garbage coming from the McDonald’s headquarters telling employees how to manage their pennies.

Then there is something called — “Balanced Billing” — which relates to the lack of cost control and the fleecing of anyone trying to use America’s health care system.

One of the proofs that Obamacare is really about helping insurers and Big Pharma rather than ordinary Americans is its failure to do much about the seamy practice known as balance billing.

Say you have a scheduled procedure, like getting a stent. Like most Americans who have health insurance, you are in an HMO or a PPO. Your doctor, who is in your network, schedules you for the operation at a hospital in your network. You assume the only thing you need to worry about is a fairly minor co-pay and recovery.

But weeks later, you find that the anesthesiologist wasn’t in your network, and you are hit with a $12,000 bill for his services. And this sort of scamming (hospitals knowingly putting people on a surgical team that they can bill at huge premiums to negotiated rates) is routine. And of course, if the ambulance takes you to an emergency room that is not in your network, the outcome can be catastrophic. Some examples of typical bad outcomes, the first from Families USAm (hat tip Dromius).

Read the full article about “Balanced Billing” here.

After reading all the pros and cons about 0bamacare it seems that the real villains are the Insurance Companies. 0bamacare is really a welfare system for the Insurance Companies and the real welfare “queens” are the Insurance Company CEOs. It also seems like the 50 million dollar 2008 Presidential campaign fund that 0bama amassed BEFORE most people even knew who he was back when he was a Senator from Illinois tells us exactly who 0bama’s real constituents really are — and it ain’t We the People.

What are the options? Vote out all of the bastards — the Supreme Court has already foreseen this possibility by allowing unlimited money to flow into political campaigns. Yet California managed to vote in (car) Insurance Cost Controls regardless of the millions that the Insurance companies poured into defeat the state law. So there is hope that in the end We the People will be granted our vote for single payer along with some sort of logical cost control of health care costs.

Update 1: More information about California’s experience with policy cancellations and Health Insurance rate hikes.

Californians know when their doctors are not in the networks in the new plans and their premiums are higher.

Well duh — note to politicians and Insurance Companies & 0bama — We the people KNOW when we are being lied to.


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