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Fracking & Mineral rights

The blog Prairie Weather had an interesting bit of news about Texas sized mania for fracking — just about anywhere.

Virtually no site is off limits. Energy companies have fracked wells on church property, school grounds and in gated developments. Last November, an oil company put a well on the campus of the University of North Texas in nearby Denton, right next to the tennis courts and across the road from the main sports stadium and a stand of giant wind turbines. 

Of course this quote was from an article in the Guardian a UK news source, cited in the blog’s link.

Very often the land “owner” doesn’t own the mineral rights which is how this sort of crap is happening right next door.

At some point in the future kids will be looking at a ruined and polluted landscape — where clean pure water is nearly impossible to find. These kids are going to ask their parents — why did your grandparents and greatgreat grandparents allow this to happen?

The Earth becomes Easter Island and the next space ship filled with a few very rich people on their way to New Earth — ready to start the whole process again. Humans are incapable from learning from history.



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