Over charging at hospitals

We’ve all heard the stories about how a common surgery and hospital stay can bankrupt families — even if they do have health “insurance”. Here’s a new one — simple and common operation Appendectomy  — billed at $55,031.91 after insurance payments the bill remaining is still $11,119.53. The take away message is that if you do not check your bill — line by line and then complain loud and long about being ripped off — you will be ripped off. Why do we need a major change in the “system” and something like single payer — because the for profit health care industry will continue business as usual.

The Health Care Blue Book lists the fair price for an Appendectomy as $10,091 — which is less then the out of pocket fee after the “insurance” approved costs. Link for Health Care Blue book — this link will ask for your computer’s location. https://www.healthcarebluebook.com/

5. People who don’t argue about strange charges on their hospital bills are probably overpaying. Here is some important advice from Clear Health Costs:

  1. Scrutinize all hospital bills carefully. Some industry sources say 60% of hospital bills have an error; some say 100% of hospital bills have an error.
  2. Ask the hospital for an itemized bill with HCPCS or CPT codes, and insist that you need to confirm the accuracy of the bill before you’ll pay it.
  3. Look carefully at the insurance company’s explanation of benefits; compare it with the bill. Quite often an E.O.B. is also difficult to read. Question everything that seems unusual.
  4. If the bill shows something inaccurate, point that out to the billing office and ask for the charge to be removed.
  5. If the insurance company isn’t paying for something, ask them why and ask to see the point in the contract that allows them to refuse to pay.
  6. Calling both the provider (hospital) and payer (insurance company) will sometimes reveal that the entire bill is an error and you owe nothing. Don’t pay until you’re sure the bill is accurate.
  7. There are services that will argue your hospital bills for you. Some work for contingency fees; some are better than others. Do your homework if this is the path you choose.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/redditors-appendectomy-cost-5502931-2013-12#ixzz2p0pkQwoA


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