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Police state on the rampage

A musician with his musical instruments going through customs has 11 flutes destroyed because the idiot customs in a third world country called the instruments “agricultural” tools.

This is not the first time musician’s musical instruments have been destroyed by the uneducated and ignorant police/customs fools — a famous pianist brings his own piano — which was destroyed by customs “agents” because the glue smelled “funny”.

I lied — the country isn’t a third world dictatorship like North Korea — the customs agents were US customs agents.

So not only does the TSA sexually molest children — multiple video clips can be found online — now the ignorant fools called “US Customs” are destroying musical instruments.

The US is officially a third world dictatorship — doesn’t matter who is sitting in the white house. Voting is a joke anyway. Laws are a joke. WE the poor and soon to be poor have to obey the laws — even the ones that are made up on the spot — but the Wall Street money bags do not have to obey any laws — or so it seems. How many bankers who literally stole money have gone to jail?

Happy New Years — same as the old year.


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