Mental illness and cops

In our current timeline — which is somehow paralleling the dark ages — the mentally ill are simply shot because the cops — “don’t have time for this.”

So now is the next step to identify through a genetic test or the first psychotic break that at teenager or young adult has and then execute the person?????????????  If there is a GOD — I hope that this is not the direction that this country is headed.

The facts — parents call for help because they cannot handle their son who is having a psychotic episode. Cops arrive and Taser the boy. He is being held by two cops when a third cops shows up and points his gun between the two cops and executes the boy. Of course the lawyer of the killer cop is saying that the “facts” will show that the killer cop acted in self defense.

Killer cops should be in jail and tried for first degree murder.

There is simply no excuse for the murder of a mentally ill person who was tasered and being handled by cops already involved in the control of a mentally ill person.

“We wanted him to put the screwdriver down because he does have schizophrenia and we didn’t know if he was gonna hurt himself,” mother Mary Vidal told Wilmington’s Star News, noting that the teen did not have a history of violence.

“Where is the justice, why did they shoot my son?,” she asked WECT. “This is what’s wrong with our mental health system.”

The mental health “system” in the US has largely been turned over to the cops — and few if any of these creatures have any training in psychology or crisis psychiatric aid.

Shall we take “bets” as to the outcome? Cops will cover for their buddy — and nothing will change — tomorrow or next we we will see the headlines of yet anther mentally ill person being executed by a cop.

The USA is NOT a first world country — we are just another third world country where a few make most of the money and use most of the resources.



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