In the news Authority VS

Misuse of Authority, state laws, lawyers and cops VS the truth

In the first story a pregnant woman is declared brain death — but she is kept on life support anyway — because you know she is pregnant and in Texas (the South & Bible Belt, anti Science territory) the fetus is worshiped. It was the wish of this woman to never be kept on life support. The odds that the fetus will turn into anything but a vegetable are very slim. This is a decision by the hospital — so just exactly who or what is paying the bills to keep a reproductive tank on life support. This story almost sounds like Frank Herbert’s science fiction books — where one world has only males or so it seems. This world is known throughout the known universe as a prime supplier of clones and spare body parts which are grown in “tanks”. The family is now suing to have life support turned off. This reminds me of another story — a woman on the East coast was in a coma and her doctors determined that if her pregnancy was terminated she could recover. It took a court battle with fanatics who were demanding that the woman’s life was not important — the only life of worth was the fetus. The husband wins, pregnancy terminated, woman lives. These are personal decisions of the family — hard decisions which are not made lightly and yet religious fanatics seem to believe that their particular religious belief system is the one that should rule the world.

The next story — anyone remember the videos of a semi nude woman being ejected from a police care in L.A.? The detail that caught my attention was the tiny fact that her clothes were in disarray (bra pull down etc.) before she went flying out of the cop car. More details have emerged now that the woman has come out of her medically induced coma. Seems like she was indeed out drinking with two male friends and probably a bit tipsy. SHE and only she was picked up for public drunkenness. The reason why she was semi nude when she was ejected from the cop car as it took a corner too fast and the cop in the backseat with her was sexually molesting her. Her word against his — except for the fact that there is that video and the fact of her condition of undress. Plus why just single out the woman? Also the fact that she was handcuffed — and she went flying out of the backseat on that high speed turn. How did the locked door get unlocked? The cops have a long history of this sort of crap — as well as letting rapist off the hook. Oh the profession of this woman is pharmacist — which according to the  chart of honesty and ethics  — pharmacist rank at the top of the rankings. Plus that detail that this woman was singled out for “special” treatment by this LA gang/cops — whatever. It is getting hard to tell the difference between gangs and cops. I certainly know that there are a few good cops left — but as long a the good guys stand beside and defend the bad cops — they all are made to look dirty. When are the good cops going to take over and clean out the pig sty? Pigs clean up very nicely — ever been to a county fair?

It is rare for me to look at video evidence — but the fact that a handcuffed woman was ejected out of the back of a cop car and the fact the video of the incident survived and the fact that the cop shop propaganda attempted to paint the woman as less than human really got on my “they are lying about something” radar. How is it that a gang of cops are allowed to troll the bars? Because that’s what this looks like to me and probably other women. Most women already don’t trust the cops — evidence for that assumption? Most rapes are never reported. Then what if the sexual molestation was at the hands of a cop or cops? Why are these cops still on the job?

This bit is from the LA Times — my question is why are these guys still working? Serve and protect — I don’t think so.

Nguyen said her jaw was shattered and that she suffered bleeding on her brain. To perform the first of three surgeries on her jaw, doctors kept Nguyen heavily sedated for several days, she said. She also lost several teeth.

In a report on the incident reviewed by The Times, paramedics who treated Nguyen wrote that the officers told them the car had come to a stop at the intersection and Nguyen fell out of as the driver accelerated to about 10 mph.

The video, however, shows the patrol car traveling at what appears to be a much faster speed and passing through the intersection without stopping or slowing.

Both stories are in but have also been widely reported in other news sources.


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