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Politicians lowest of the lowest?

Opinion polls don’t rank politicians very high somewhere around the ranking of Used Care Salesmen or perhaps lawyers?

O.K. here’s a poll — honesty and ethics. Used Care Salesmen ranked third from the bottom, next comes politicians and at the very bottom — lobbyists. The top of this honesty and ethics list — nurses. Military officers come in at 68% — well that poll was taken before the parade of officers lying their asses off in front of Congress about how much they through the NSA are spying on all of us. Lawyers and TV reporters rank at 20%. All of these response are based on the appearance of “honesty and ethics”. Most folks don’t take the time to verify the truthieness (new word) of reporters or lawyers and a lot of politicians are lawyers . . . so what does it all mean?

The reason why honesty and truthfulness of politicians caught my attention is because the Supreme Court (yes those wind bags) are going to decide if honesty and truthieness is to be expected in political ads. We already know that political ads are already largely fiction or worded so that it is hard to tell the difference.

This is the same Supreme Court that tossed an election and this is the same Supreme Court that decided that Corporations are people who have a right to free speech.

I’m betting that this same Supreme Court will rule that lying is free speech.

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