Worst enemies?

Update — here’s a real story about harassing someone on the Internet by the victim of the stalking. It rather reminds me of the remarks that Hilary Clinton got from a host of male bloggers back in 2008 — you know the sort that threaten rape etc. I don’t know why a tiny minority of males feel that threatening to rape someone empowers them or something. This story is from a link on Lawyers, Gun and Money to Talking Points Memo — a website I rarely if ever visit — however, to read the victim’s point of view of someone who was stalked and then one of her mentally ill stalkers confronts her — thankfully no violence resulted. The dumber than rocks males at a “progressive” blog who ranted about Senator Clinton and then defended cyber stalking — simply are well dumber than a box of rocks. Victimizing an already traumatized person is just plain evil and it is uncivilized in nearly all cultures except those that thrive on the lack of humanity toward others.

—————————————   Now back to the original post —————-

There is something about human nature I don’t understand — attacking the victim and re-victimizing the victim.

Attacking the weakest pack member or den member is found in many species — some dog breeders of especially aggressive dogs have to keep puppies isolated from each other. Terrier mini breeds that’s the link to these search words — Terrier dog aggression. Aggression behavior in animals has been well researched and there is a journal devoted to Aggression.

The type of aggression that triggered this post is about rape victim Daisy Coleman’s(alleged) attempted suicide. Daisy is one of many rape victims who has been viciously attacked using social media such as Twitter and Facebook etc. Very often the rapists have posted photos of their victims — and they still manage to get away with rape. It is no wonder that rape victims don’t come forward and go through a “legal” system in which they are virtually re-raped.

In Daisy Coleman’s case it seems that it is females who have done much of the re-victimization — along the lines of the victim “shouldn’t have” preceding a long list which throws the blame for the rape on the victim. Yet it is the guys who somehow because they have a penis they are given a get away with rape card by women.

What is it with these sick attack dog females who like the terrier pups are driven to attack others? Are these rape victims who couldn’t come forward and feel the need to attack any female who does lay the blame for being raped at the rapist?

Most rapist are repeat offenders. Here’s the study about serial rapists.  Many if not the great majority of rape kits have never been processed — and as a result a whole lot of repeat, serial rapists are getting away with rape. So the woman is rape — reports the rape and is virtually re-raped by the “justice” system and then nothing. What happens if she is raped again — more than likely she will be less willing to be re-raped by the non functioning most male justice system which harbors a few rapist of their own (especially in women’s prisons).

Why are there so many women and girls using social media to attack rape victims? Some of the rape victims who have been re-raped by the system and viciously attacked by freaks using social media have been successful.

Rape is a crime of power — rather than lust. This was the thesis of Susan Brownmiller in her 1970s book on Rape called Against our Will. Not much has changed in the last 40 years — rape as crime of control and power over another still happens and most rapist are still getting away with rape. Even when rapist brag about their crime and forward photos — they mostly keep getting away with rape. I googled new of: “rapist post photos of victims” and came up with too many hits to list.


About rape and cover up of rape — this blog has brought together a series of unrelated stories — except that the link between the articles is power, rape and cover-ups.


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