My top 10 news sources

My top 10 go-to news, opinion and blogs of 2013

Most of these Internet news sources can be found in the links on the right. I’m interested is a wide range of subjects which include Art, Animal Behavior, cat videos, Politics and fairness for all of us.

1. Memeorandum has a list of current affairs links mostly about politics but with a whole lot of stories that don’t interest me. I generally go here to see if the world is still in one piece. I don’t know if this is where the “end of the world” would be posted first or not.

2. The Guardian and BBC — often their coverage of US news is better than US news sources. These two UK news sources do world news better than any US news source. The Guardian was home to Glenn Greenwald until he moved on — left probably because the UK doesn’t have freedom of the press laws. The BBC report Animal Behavior research like no other website I’ve found. The Brits love their animals.

3. Techdirt — one of the best sources for news about the Internet and computers plus politics and reporting of rotten cops who are spoiling being a cop and trusting any cop for a lot of people. Techdirt is also covering the TPP trade deals — fast tracking trade treaties and Sovereignty of International corporations.

4. Empty Wheel — the facts are in the details and there is no one better at reading the details and translating governmental double speak into real English.

5. Lawyers, Guns & Money — this is a newer addition. I don’t visit everyday but when I do visit this blog I always find a link to something that interests me. For example Seattle and the stupid disease. Seattle is digging a huge hole for a highway along the downtown water front — the hole is using a massive hole boring machine. The machine can’t move because a pipe is in the way — the pipe is in the way because the pipe was put there by the road department as a test hole for the hole now being dug. This hole is going to cost a whole lot of tax payer money. But what the hell — tax payers will pay the bill of the stupids. See stuff like that is what makes checking this blog worthwhile.

6. Huff Po aka — Huffington Post — I check here about once a week. Kindle has an app which makes zooming through Huff Po faster and smoother. You all know I’m a big fan of Kindle — right?

7. Gawker – like rubber necking as one drives past an accident — that’s how this blog covers the news.

8. RawStory – they often carry stories that other US websites ignore.

9. Shakesville – news round up, commentary and cute pet pixs.

10. Firedoglake – covers a wide range of topics — depends on approved bloggers to post diaries on topics of interest.

#2 was really two links — but both go the UK websites and ironically both cover US news stories far better than US propaganda media websites.

I know that I’m missing something — a place I visit (besides that I use so often that the habit is automatic. Hummmm. is so useful for those of us who live in rural areas miles from shopping — something like 45 minutes or more from the nearest shopping area — which has limited selections and choices.


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