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Fiction — what if – involves NSA and spying

Some commentators on stuff political are saying that 0bama’s “great” speech on NSA spying was really farewell speech to the long gone 4th Amendment to the Constitution.

As usual Emptywheel.com has some insightful remarks as she completely deconstructs 0bama’s pretty little speech. At some point obama got the idea that all he has to do is make a pretty speech and the reset button is hit and everyone loves him again. Huh no — that is not how things work. So sad all of his promises and slogans from his mouth were really just a bunch of words.

So NSA will continue their dirty tricks and stealing everything they possible can from the bits that flow over the internet. Which means that ALL the lawyers, ALL the politicians as well as the masses who use cell phone (or land lines) etc. will have all private communications copied and stored all over the world. Since the spies love to duplicate their spy efforts so as not to miss out on any text, video, and other assorted digital files — multiple agencies (both foreign and domestic) will continue with business as usual.

WHAT IF? A Judge is going to make a major ruling on what the NSA is doing — how can we absolutely know for certain that said judge has not been influenced by something that the NSA/FBI/CIA/ or one of the other spy agencies might have on this judge. Lots of innocent stuff can be made to sound bad or illegal.

WHAT IF? A member of a jury can be gotten to? There are several movies having to do with the dirty tricks of jury tampering — but let’s say that the NSA or any old police department might want a certain judgment for a jury. How far would the guys in blue to make sure that they don’t do the time for their particular crimes??? We don’t know.

Because of the secrecy and lies by politicians and no real oversight by anyone who knows their ass from a hole in the ground — we do not know how deep this spying and corruption has gone. What we do know is that whistle blowers are telling us that NSA etc. what to collect “everything” about everyone. What we do know is that 0bama is one of the players — based on his pretty speech on Friday.

What If? some way has been discovered to mine the collected data for anyone who might be influenced with a bit of blackmail. We know in the days of paper records that J. Edgar Hoover was just the guy who knew how to collect information on anyone who might be important or famous. It was done in the past — and human nature tends to repeat the bad stuff — blackmail, back stabbing and whispering campaigns. I’m pretty sure that ways have been able to tag data for easy retrieval. Which is why the spy guys want to keep all their data loot forever.



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